BREAKING: Does Bryn Kenney Owe GGPoker $24Million?

April 28, 2022
Andrew Burnett

Multiple cheating allegations and revelations this week about Bryn Kenney and his stable of poker players have been upstaged by the accusation that his agency allegedly owed $24million to GGPoker when he parted ways with the poker site.

The claim is the latest in a line of allegations levelled at Kenney by his former horse, Martin Zamani, who went public last week accusing the all-time tournament moneywinner of ghosting, collusion, and a variety of other wrongdoings.
Kenney allegedly threatened Doug Polk with legal action after the Upswing Poker boss announced an emergency podcast to discuss Zamani’s claims.

Highstakes player Lauren Roberts backed Zamani’s allegations, describing Kenney as “abusive” and “pathological” which prompted Kenney to offer an interview to PokerNews, which turned into something of a Bryn Kenney monologue.

Kenney refuted suggestions that he was behind collusion in satellites, denying stories of a horse being told to fold pocket aces to keep a tournament registration open for financial reasons.

However, Matt Berkey’s podcast from the tweet above discussed how the interviewer, Sarah Herring, ought to have followed up Kenney’s denials with something like “Well, because you are getting the rake.”

Kenney was also allegedly guaranteeing prizepools in his early days working with GGPoker, which if true gives another major financial reason for him to orchestrate his stable, possibly illegally, for maximum gain.

“Thank you Berkey for immediately bringing up the RAKE and the general money he was making from GG. The RAKE is literally the incentive for everything that is alleged,” was one of many similar comments on YouTube.

Zamani himself wasn’t too happy at how the PokerNews interview with Kenney was conducted, Sarah Herring a long-time friend of Bryn’s and unable or unwilling to follow up on her initial lines of questioning.

The question of Kenney’s involvement with GGPoker was addressed in the interview, Kenney stating: “I started out as an ambassador and translated that into more of an affiliate deal, and...influenced and advised them on the tournaments, guarantees, satellite schedules...”

Kenney refuted claims he was fired from his role with GGPoker, stating: “I wasn’t dropped as an ambassador, my account on GG is still live, it’s never been frozen/suspended at any time...”

Several players have been outed this week as being banned from the site for alleged RTA cheating, one of Kenney’s stable coaches, Sergei Reixach top of the list, with Ali Imsirovic, Jake Schindler and Chris Brewer among others named.

Reixach released a statement this week that veered wildly from admitting to pre-flop chart use and ghosting all the way to claiming Zamani was out to get him and making death threats.

Whether there is anything behind the allegations that Kenney left GGPoker with a $24million red hole remains to be seen, the site itself remaining tight-lipped on recent events.

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