Martin Zamani Accuses Bryn Kenney of Cheating as High Stakes Poker Community Implodes

April 24, 2022
Andrew Burnett

The latest in a long line of cheating accusations this week has seen Bryn Kenney accused of ghosting, collusion and abusing his “horses” with shamans and frog poison involved, in a bizarre Twitter blast that has shocked the poker community...

The implosion of the high stakes poker world continued apace when Martin Zamani accused leading tournament moneywinner, Bryn Kenney, of multiple infringements.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Florida pro Zamani – who has almost $3million in live earnings and two WSOP bracelets – made a number of incredible allegations against Kenney, including:

  • Ghosting
  • Collusion
  • Multi-accounting
  • Stealing agencies from friends
  • Using shamans and even frog poison on players
  • Forcing players to drop stakes for not following Kenney’s own alleged bizarre lifestyle

“There was a specific time me and his horse were on a same table in a 10K PLO 6-max on party and he played both accounts,” Zamani says of Kenney, adding: “Any type of arguing with Bryn would be faced with gaslighting that I’m not open minded and he’s trying to help us. That’s why he sent me to a shaman.”

That was followed by perhaps the most bizarre accusation the poker world has ever witnessed:

Before delving deeper into the incredible accusations, it’s worth pointing out to those who haven’t been paying attention this week that alleged cheating in highstakes poker hit the headlines when Alex Foxen outed Ali Imsirovic as a live and online cheat.

Justin Bonomo and others backed Foxen up, with Jake Schindler also in the firing line for RTA use and collusion that apparently saw him and Imsirovic banned from GGPoker, with massive confiscations involved as the site clamped down on online cheats.

According to Zamanai, the stable run by Kenney was up to its neck in similar behaviour, with Sergei Reixach involved as well:

“There was also the other time his horse Sergi Rexiach got banned from gg for cheating for RTA,” stated Zamani, explaining how he had been forced to move to Mexico to receive coaching from the Spanish pro.

Kenney allegedly dropped Reixach and told him to repay the $1million make-up, which Reixach refused to do, according to Zamani.

“A month later after realizing Sergi wouldn’t pay, he goes your back on the team get to slaving away,” claimed Zamani, adding that Kenney also forces horses to use profits from winning rather than agreed stake money to enter tournaments.

Poker pro Angela Jordison summed up the allegations in one brief tweet...

…but Zamani wasn’t done with his accusations just yet.

“Guy could legit not be a bigger piece of shit,” he said of Kenney. “If you had an agency with Bryn you probably had it stolen from you and had to say nothing. I know 10s+ of people who Bryn said sign ppl up, they did. Then all of a sudden hey man you don’t have enough whales I’m taking your agency.”

This included stealing players from a supposedly close friend who he allegedly took $2million from, while putting his own horses against him.

He finished his Twitter frenzy with a parting shot: “There’s so many instances of him just straight abusing his horses and no one has said anything because they say Bryn has too much power. Well fuck it all. I have nothing to lose.”
Meanwhile, although Kenney himself has noy yet responded publicly to the outrageous claims, he had his defenders, Joseph Liberta chief among them:

Liberta goes on to describe Kenney as “kind and generous” and states he “never asked me to get ghosted or do anything unethical in fact he’s always had a hard stance against...”

In addition, he states that Kenney’s stable coaches are also innocent of wrongdoing: “@Girafganger7 and Sergei have never once ghosted me or done anything unethical ... they helped me improve through coaching ... I’d be shocked if either one of them participated in any of the aforementioned.”

However, Zamani claims he has screenshotted evidence of incriminating chats with Kenney, which he will go public with if Kenney tries to deny the accusations

And so the craziest week in the history of poker cheating – or alleged poker cheating – continues, and the biggest question on everyone’s minds is...Who will be next to face Twitter accusations?

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