Alleged High-Stakes Poker Cheaters Harrassed at 2022 WSOP

June 20, 2022
Mark Patrickson

Some of the players accused of cheating in the recent scandal have been targeted for abuse at the tables at the 2022 World Series of Poker. Twitter motormouth Shaun Deeb has been doing his best to irritate those who many feel don’t deserve the opportunity to play at the festival.

Shaun Deeb Does His Best to Shame Poker Cheaters

The high-stakes cheating scandal has been the biggest story in poker this year. For a few weeks it showed no signs of abating with many of the games biggest names drawn into the controversy week after week.

Bryn Kenney, Ali Imsirovic, and Jake Schindler were all outed over various transgressions and have controversially arrived in Las Vegas to play at the WSOP without a hint of shame.

Shaun deeb is never one to shy away from speaking his mind on Twitter and whenever possible he has gone out of his way to cause trouble for the alleged cheaters.

First up was Bryn Kenney and Ali Imsirovic in Event #2: $100K High Roller Bounty. Deeb was moved to their table and started a five-minute argument with Kenney before turning his attention to the Bosnian after which Dan Shak requested he calmed it down and continued in a smaller tournament.

Rok Gostisa, another player supposedly banned from GGPoker, has mostly flown under the radar during the cheating scandal but Alex Foxen hadn’t forgotten. The pair were seated together in Event #8: $25K High Roller NL Hold’em before Gostisa inexplicably dumped off a healthy 20bb+ stack by calling off on the flop with king-high.

Foxen took great delight in saying "That's what happens when you don't have a computer!"

Shaun Deeb’s antics later switched to a game of Lodden Thinks versus Benny Glaser with Scott Seiver acting as the brain. The topic was an unnamed Bosnian player who is a scumbag!

Readers not familiar with the game should Google the backstory as it has become one of the most popular ways to pass time at the table when no action is happened.

Even mild-mannered Dan Smith made an approach to Ali Imsirovic to ask if he would make a statement on the cheating allegations, to which the answer was of course no.

The Bosnian recently made a cynical attempt to attract some good karma by offering 50% of his WSOP profits in $25K or lower events to a children’s research hospital.

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