Transferring Skills Between Different Casino Games

March 4, 2023

We make no secret of our love of poker on this website, but for many of us, poker isn't the only casino game we have a passion towards. Like most players, our appreciation of the complexity of the world of gambling runs deep, in all forms of the digital and physical arena. With so many of these games borrowing inspiration from each other, this extension is only natural, but it also includes an undercurrent that many of us underappreciate.

Believe it or not, many skills in casino games can be transferred to others and improving your understanding of these games, it could positively affect your outcome and how much you enjoy the game. So, let's look at these games, and how you can get involved to advance your play.

Managing Your Bankroll

You can only play as long as you have the funds, or at least that's usually the case. This idea is even more important in high-stakes poker than in most other games, and it's something that the world’s best players like Doug Polk and Phil Hellmuth understand to the core of their beings. No matter the game, managing a bankroll properly is about mastering the game’s basics, and fully comprehending how these basics apply to optimal play.

To this end, a good way for beginners to get a handle on bankroll is to play free or simulated games to make their start. A great example of this potential comes from free slots played on games like Cleopatra, Triple Diamond, and 50 Dragons. Available on desktop and mobile systems, the fact that these games are free to play means that players are fully able to break down the experience before investing real money. Learning all the bonuses, the game flow, the jackpots, and the tricky parts with virtual coins then lets a player know how to handle real money, and this is a concept that works just as well in poker.

Instant Recognition

A big part of poker is the mathematics behind the game. Profitability is vital; making the right call is a factor of experience, understanding, and luck. Though you’ll always need to think on the fly, the longer you wait in any game the more uncertain you appear, and the more likely you’ll be targeted by a shark. Addressing this issue means working on games that require slick mental reflexes, and building that into regular play.

The best examples of this type of play are found in blackjack, which is a game that can require multiple levels of quick maths. On a basic level, a player needs to be able to instantly add the value of cards, which becomes more complicated if they choose to split. As long as you aren’t playing for real money, players can also use the card-counting methods as a more advanced way to track running totals. While not directly applicable to poker, keeping your mind active with these tactics is a great way to stretch your brain out, and make the calculations in poker that much more natural.

Keeping a Cool Head

The final part of the equation we can carry back to poker is the ability to keep your cool under stress. Poker, as a naturally competitive game, has an added human element than can stir player emotions, but regardless of the source, remaining calm can be the result of the same similar process. No matter what other type of casino game you play, (subtle) breathing exercises are a serious help, and the pros can use them on the sly.

Ultimately, the best way to keep in the right frame of mind is to reduce your cognitive load, and use this as a solid foundation from which you won't be shaken. Learn how to manage a bankroll with strict rules, understand the mathematics of gaming without needing to concentrate, and you’ll have more mental resources left to stay cool no matter what happens.

From this point on, it’s all about practice. This means not just learning from your mistakes, but learning from your successes too. Sometimes a big win can be the result of a genius play, but other times it's the result of luck. If wrongly calculated, chasing the wrong path will only hurt you in the long term, so revisit your victories closely. Most of all, remember the joy of the game that brought you to it, and you'll win no matter the outcome.

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