Anonymous Online Crusher VeniVidi1993 Reveals ACR Upswing

May 18, 2023
Andrew Burnett

It was a profitable week at the tables for VeniVidi1993, the anonymous online crusher posting his $1million bankroll challenge week 12 results, with ACR hands to the fore...

The PLO maestro has been playing a mix of everything from $3/$6 up to $15/$30 cash games and tournaments for the past three months, sharing the high and lows of his challenge.

This week, the anonymous pro who challenged Phil Galfond at the highest stakes and was €900k up at one point before narrowly losing, had a good week at the tables.

A $7400 profit boosted his bankroll total to $14,453, as he attempts to get back to where he started, having been cleaned out on GGPoker and now looking to ACR to rebuild.

“So this week felt great since I managed to play more hands, the games on average were softer and the focus was just where it was supposed to be,” wrote VeniVidi.

His change to ACR games comes after he lost the best part of $50k and had his account shut down by GG...

...but, ever upbeat, he was looking forward to the lower rake on ACR.

“I will continue my journey on @net_acr for now. Will be great to play in an environment without extremely high rake.”

One week into his ACR adventure, VeniVidi wrote: “I'm excited to share that playing on ACR has been a great experience lately,” despite being unable to win much on the tournament side.

However, a switch the following week to cash games exclusively produced a sweet $5800 upswing, although that was followed by some serious ups and downs, which saw his bankroll dip below zero.

“Obviously in the spirit of a bankroll challenge it would be over now,” he revealed this week, “but I've been enjoying building myself back up, so I will come with a decent solution.”

“One of the first thoughts I had was to top up the bankroll by $33,200 so that the starting point is exactly $100,000.”

That healthy top-up will go to charity, win or lose the challenge, which will now be a $100k to $1million chase.

For those playing on ACR, that could be a mixed blessing - a lot of money to chase but a genuine PLO beast whose luck might be just about to turn!

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