VeniVidi1993's Top 5 High Stakes Hands

December 1, 2020
Mark Patrickson

VeniVidi1993 is one of the top PLO players on the planet. So good in fact that he thought he could take on and beat Phil Galfond in his challenge.

That dream almost came true. After racing ahead by almost 1 million euros the tables finally turned and he lost the match by mere thousands.

Here are his top five hands played online before the Galfond challenge match.

#1 - JayP-AA - $50/$100 PLO

Dealt Kh Ah Kd Qs VeniVidi raises to $340. JayP 3 bets to $1,060. VeniVidi 4 bets to $3,220. JayP calls.

The flop is 7c 6h Jc. VeniVidi bets $6,447.50 and JayP raises to $17,573,50, all of his stack. VeniVidi calls.

The turn and river are 4d and 4s giving VeniVidi a $41,667 pot. JayP shows 9h Jd Td Qh.

#2- JayP-AA - $50/$100 PLO

VeniVidi is dealt 6d 6c 7c 8d. JayP raises to $340. VeniVidi 3 bets to $1,060. JayP 4 bets to $3,220. JayP calls.

The flop comes Qd 2h 4d. VeniVidi checks and JayP bets $2,619.38. VeniVidi calls.

The turn is the 9d and both players check.

The river is the 3d and VeniVidi leads out for $11,716.26 and JayP calls.

VeniVidi wins the $35,191.28 pot

#3 - JayP-AA - $50/$100 PLO

VeniVidi is dealt 8c Kh Ts As. JayP raises to $240, VeniVidi 3 bets to $1,060, JayP calls.

The flop is Ac Ah 2c. VeniVidi bets $755.13, JayP calls.

The turn is the Jc. VeniVidi checks and JayP bets $1,233.88 .

The river is the 8h giving VeniVidi a full house. VeniVidi checks and JayP bets $6,135.52 and VeniVidi jams all in. JayP calls and shows Qh 3c 2d Ad.

VeniVidi wins a $31,608.92 pot.

#4 - ActionFreak - $50/$100 PLO

VeniVidi is dealt 7c 7h Kh Tc. VeniVidi raises to $350 and ActionFreak 3 bets to $. VeniVidi calls.

The flop comes 2s Th 5h. ActionFreak bets $ 2,695 and VeniVidi jams for $10,052.85. ActionFreak calls.

They run it twice and the poker gods smile both times on VeniVidi giving him a flush with Ts 8h and Jh Ah.

VeniVidi wins a $22,905.70 pot.

#5 - Cobus83 - $50/$100 PLO

VeniVidi is dealt Qd Ts Jd Qs. Cobus raises to $250 and VeniVidi 3 bets to $2,770. Cobus calls.

The flop is 5c Qh 4h. VeniVidi checks and Cobus bets $5,667. VeniVidi jams his remaining stack. Cobus calls with Kd 8d Ad Ah.

They run it twice but Cobus gets no help. 8h Js and Qc 8c.

VeniVidi wins a $22,212 pot.

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