All Sites & Apps Have Issues. Whether it be All Out Bot Rings, Superusers" States Leonard on Twitter

January 9, 2024
Nenad Nikolic

Who is Patrick Leonard?

Patrick Leonard, alias "pads1161," a prominent British poker player and a WSOP bracelet winner, stands at the forefront of the poker community. His accolades, including triumphs like winning the Event #55: $1,000 Tag Team for $148,067 alongside Espen Jørstad, showcase his prowess in the poker realm. A notable figure in online poker, Leonard secured four WCOOP titles in 2023 alone, earning him the coveted title of Player of the Series. His success extends to numerous SCOOP titles and significant wins during his tenure as a partypoker ambassador.

A "Tough Conversation"

In a poignant video, Leonard passionately addressed the pressing issue of game integrity within the poker industry. He critiqued poker ambassadors, highlighting their reluctance to speak out against game integrity compromises and cheating scandals plaguing online poker sites. Expressing disdain for the lack of accountability, Leonard underscored the disconnect between ambassadors promoting these sites and the absence of response when players are cheated.

Not Just Ambassadors

Leonard's critique wasn't confined solely to ambassadors; he also directed scrutiny towards the poker sites themselves. His frustration stemmed from feeling short-changed by the sites, emphasizing that while they close accounts and take actions, the fundamental issue remains unresolved—players being cheated out of substantial amounts. He called for greater transparency and accountability, urging sites to reinvest in bolstering security measures.

The Response

Leonard's impassioned plea triggered an ongoing discourse within the poker community. Colleagues like Matt Glantz weighed in, expressing a grim reality that extends beyond poker—an absence of accountability within various industries. Responding to user interactions, Leonard reiterated his stance that issues span across multiple platforms and game types, emphasizing the need for ambassadors to address these concerns collectively. Other influential figures, like Justin Bonomo and Maria Ho, voiced support for Leonard's plea for higher security measures and transparency.

Q&A Section

Should poker ambassadors do more to help communicate to players in the wake of cheating scandals?

Patrick Leonard strongly advocates for poker ambassadors to take a more proactive role in addressing game integrity issues and cheating scandals affecting players. He emphasizes the importance of ambassadors speaking out against these challenges instead of remaining silent.

Is game integrity crucial in the poker community?

Game integrity serves as the bedrock of the poker community, ensuring fairness and honesty in gameplay. Upholding game integrity prevents cheating, collusion, and unethical practices, thereby preserving trust and fairness among players.

Do players bear responsibility in ensuring higher security measures?

Yes, players, as patrons, have a crucial role in standing their ground for higher security measures. Their choice of where to play and their willingness to demand greater security measures contribute to shaping the industry's practices

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