Phil Hellmuth to Host a Personal Live Game at LATB

August 21, 2022
Nenad Nikolic

After a Twitter poll where his followers were given an option to choose whether he will be hosting a personal line-up at Live at the Bike, Hustler Casino Live, or both venues, Phil Hellmuth has announced that he will be holding a line-up of his own at LATB.

In a follow-up tweet, he announced that he would hold a live-streamed cash game from August 23rd to 26.

What and whom to expect

During his previous live stream, Hellmuth was crushed by a series of amateurs, namely chess player Alexandra Botez, MrBeast, and Ninja. On this occasion, Phil Hellmuth was more than merely unpleasant towards the amateurs that he was playing against, much to the disdain of his fellow pros such as Lex Veldhuis. The latter called him out on his unsportsmanlike behavior.

However, it is almost a given that the YouTubers and Twitch players mentioned above will be willing to play against him once more. So far, only Rene Nezhoda (of Storage Wars fame) and Bill Klein have confirmed that they will participate.

Considering Helmuths strict money management, it would be unexpected if the big blind exceeds $100. Therefore it makes sense to expect from $5K to $50K on the table per each player. No matter the stakes, given his history with the amateur players, the viewers are sure to have a great time following the stream.

The game is set to be live streamed on the LATB YouTube channel on August 26th.

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