Karl Chappe-Gatien Scoops Triton Short Deck $40k Title for $565,000

September 18, 2022
Andrew Burnett

Frenchman Karl Chappe-Gatien scooped the Triton Poker $40k Short Deck title, just days after learning the game, adding a trophy and $565,000 to the legion of fans he has accumulated at the Super High Roller Series in northern Cyprus...

The poker-loving amateur enthralled viewers and players alike with his deep run in last week’s $200k buy-in Coin Rivet Invitational, humorous, likeable, friendly and exciting all the way to his 3rd-place $2.6million finish.

Last night he was playing a game he had only recently learned, the action-packed Short Deck, after his pro partner from the big invitational, Danny Tang, gave him a crash course in the 36-card variant and talked him into playing the $40k.

Twenty-four players paying 45 entries at $40k apiece produced a $1.8million prizepool, Chappe-Gatien firing two bullets and making it to the paid spots on day two when Rui Cao lost a huge hand to Michael Zhang and bubbled to Koon soon after.

Yu was first out in the money...

Chappe-Gatien: A♥ A♦
Yu: K♦ K♣

Flop: A♣ 8♣ 8♦
Turn: 6♠
River: Q♦

...and he was soon followed by Elton Tsang and Jason Koon, the latter another victim of the Frenchman, falling in 5th for $155,000, his 23rd Triton Poker career cash for the brand’s ambassador.

Chappe-Gatien continued his rungood with another flopped set to dispose of England Michael Zhang in 4th...

...with Lim falling to Lee’s aces to set the heads-up battle for the title, which came to a conclusion with the following hand...

Chappe-Gatien: J♦ J♣
Lee: 9♥ 8♠

Flop: 8♥ 7♠ 9♦
Turn: 6♥
River: 10♥

That river card gave both men straights, but Chappe-Gatien’s was better and he lifted the trophy and the $565,000 top prize.

Final results


Karl Chappe-Gatien



Kiat Lee



Webster Lim



Michael Zhang



Jason Koon



Elton Tsang



Winfred Yu


“I was feeling good but I didn’t expect anything. I wanted to have fun,” revealed Dubai-based day trader Chappe-Gatien afterwards, adding: “For sure I will come back. When is the next one?”

$2000 Bonus
$2000 Deposit Bonus

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