Henri "buttonclickr" Puustinen Loses Biggest Ever Pot on Hustler Casino Live - $870,000

January 16, 2023
Mark Patrickson

Online cash game crusher Henri "buttonclickr" Puustinen and Hustler Casino Live reg Nik Airball clashed recently in a heads-up pot that was the biggest the show has ever seen in its history. A pile of chips worth $870,000 landed in the centre of the table after the pair got it all-in on the turn and the result was one of the worst coolers you will ever see.

Record Pot

After Andy limps, Puustinen raises to $2,000 on the button with pocket sevens, and Bill calls with nines. Nik Airball then comes over the top with 5c4c. Puustinen and Bill call.

The flop comes down 3d 7s 6c and the pot is $40,000.

Bull checks and Nik fires $20,000. Puustinen calls and Bill folds. Now it’s top set against a flopped straight.

The turn is the Js. Pot is $80,000.

Nik check and Puustinen bets $45,000. Nik waits a couple of seconds before jamming, putting Puustinen all-in for his remaining $350,000.

Puustinen looks mildly concerned given he only has the third best possible hand but refuses to lay it down and calls it off only to be quickly given the bad news.

The pair choose to run it twice and a king comes on both runs, sending Puustinen away from the table to stew over what just happened.

This hand beat the previous record of $749,000 from a pot played between Jean-Robert Bellande and Mister Keating.

It Almost Happened Twice!

Eagle-eyed viewers will have spotted that as Puustinen walked away from the table, he told Nik that he wasn’t bluffing him in a big pot played just before. This was also a hand that could have gone disastrously wrong for the Finnish star.

Nike raises to $1,000 with AhKh and JR calls. Puustinen squeezes to $6,000 with pocket jacks in the big blind. Nik calls and JR folds.

The flop is 2h 3h 5h with a pot of $13,700.

Puustinen bets $2,400 and Nik calls with his nut flush.

The turn the Jd and the pot is now $18,500.

Puustinen bets $7,200 and Nik raises to $27,000. Puustinen calls.

The river is the 5d, pairing the board and giving the advantage to Puustinen.

Puustinen checks and Nik bets out $45,000. Puustinen then jams, putting Nik all-in for his remaining $264,200.

Incredibly, Nik manages to put Puustinen on exactly the hand he has and finds a nice fold although handing the $117,500 pot to the Finn.

Who Is Henri “buttonclickr” Puustinen?

Henri Puustinen is a 22-year-old hotshot that seemingly came out of nowhere to cement his place at the pinnacle of the game. Known primarily for his heads-up NL skills, he is also often found playing 6-max NL and PLO and made his WSOP debut in Las Vegas last year.

He was later unveiled as one of Doug Polk’s assistants in his grudge match challenge against Daniel Negreanu.

Puustinen said: "I wasn't the main coach. I was just more reviewing hands and stuff like that."

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