Moncek Wins $260,000 Versus Amateurs in Hustler Casino Live with an 89% VPIP

April 24, 2024
Clinton Jacob Machoka

Michael Moncek, popularly known as "Texas Mike," showcased his exceptional skills on Friday night's episode of Hustler Casino Live.

He played in nearly every hand aggressively, often raising preflop. His dominance at the table was evident as he outplayed a group of primarily inexperienced poker players.

Donning his iconic University of Texas hat, the devoted Longhorns fan showcased a unique playing style during a live stream for a semi-professional event.

Throughout the seven-hour session, he played an impressive 89% VPIP (voluntarily putting money in the pot) by folding only 11% of the hands dealt.

Moncek, an accomplished player with two World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and over $1.8 million in live tournament earnings, stood out as the most skilled player in Friday's game.

Moncek knew his skill level was above his rivals, which allowed him to play in nearly every hand and crush the game confidently. However, he did encounter some more interesting scenarios. Consider, for instance, the hand below.

Moncek confidently 4bet preflop with pocket aces (A♠A♥). The flop read A♣8♣J♣, giving Moncek the top set.

However, Brazil God held K♣Q♣, hoping for a flush draw. The entire $201,000 pot went in on the flop. They decided to run it twice, and ultimately, the board paired once, resulting in a split pot.

Dominating Newbies

In yet another cooler pot, this time around worth $88,000, he emerged victorious with the nut straight, defeating Arden Cho's set and the top two pair held by Charles Yu.

Yu, a regular on Hustler Casino Live, experienced a significant loss of $194,000. The crypto investor's performance in televised poker games, such as High Stakes Poker on PokerGO, has been less than stellar in recent months.

This session was a stark contrast for Texas Mike, who had previously lost $43,000 during his last three games on Hustler Casino Live.

Moncek emerged as the biggest session winner, raking in an impressive $263,000. His unique playing style sets him apart, characterized by an 89% VPIP and a 50% preflop raise rate.

These numbers far exceed the norms observed among professional poker players on live streams and even recreational players.

Brazil God Aces Cracked

Moncek won the largest pot against Brazil God in a dramatic hand. The action started with Luda Chris opening to $600, holding K♠10♦. Brazil God then 3bet to $2,300 with a pair of aces, A♥A♣.

Texas Mike, holding K♦K♣, opted to call, and so did Charles from the small blind position with 10♣8♣, along with Luda.

When the flop came, K♥ 4♣ 4♥ Luda Chris checked, and then Brazil God placed a bet of $2,500.

Holding a full house, Texas Mike called, and Luda Chris followed suit with his top pair. Yu, having missed the flop, folded his hand.

With the turn card showing an 8♠, the player with aces bet $8,000, which was called by the others. The river brought a 7♦, and after a check from the first player, Brazil God bet $20,000.

Moncek raised to $88,500, and after Luda Chris folded, Brazil God called with his last $60,500, only to lose to a better hand and watch the $218,100 pot go to Moncek.

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