Insane Action and Massive Pots in the Latest High Stakes Poker Episode

April 10, 2024
Clinton Jacob Machoka

Nikhil Arcot, also known as "Nik Airball," and Andrew Robl were involved in an intense showdown, while Santhosh Suvarna found himself involved in some high-stakes pots. The latest episode of High Stakes Poker premiered on Monday on PokerGO and had over $4.7 million at stake.

You must watch Episode 7 of Season 12 to find out how hot it gets. With blinds of $1,000 and $2,000, some exciting action and several pots exceeded half a million dollars.

The chips that each player held in front of them at the start of the game are shown below, along with the complete list of participants.

Chip Stack    
Brandon Adams    
Andrew Robl    
Nik Airball    
Santhosh Suvarna    
Justin Gavri    
Stanley Tang    

Robl and Airball: Round One

The game kicked off with Robl Q♥J♦ flopping top pair on 5♣10♥Q♠7♠ board. Robl initiated the action with a $4,000 bet into a pot of $23,000. Seemingly deceived by the modest bet, Airball attempted a bluff and raised $18,000. However, Robl wasn't convinced and opted to stick around.

On the following hand, the straddle set at $4,000, the duo clashed once more. Robl initiated the action with a raise to $10,000 with a K♥9♥ from an early position. On the button, Airball decided to call with an A♠ and 6♠.

On the A♥9♣A♦ flop, Robl bet $10,000. After a call, both players checked when 4♥ fell on the turn. When 5♣ hit the river and didn't improve his hand, Robl checked again but reluctantly called a $15,000 bet, only to realize his hand was beaten.

Robl and Airball: Round Two

Once Robl had the upper hand in a few pots versus Suvarna, he resumed his battle with the Hustler Casino Live regular he had met earlier. Lucky for Airball, he ran great in the subsequent pot.

The action started with Robl raising $6,000, holding Q♠10♣. Airball called with A♠2♠. The flop read 9♠8♥7♠, and both players found themselves with potential draws. After a moment of hesitation, Airball placed a bet of $10,000, which was met with a call from his opponent.

After K♠ fell on the turn, which completed the nut flush, Airball would place a $21,000 wager and get a call. The river card was 3♥, giving Robl a flush, albeit not the best. Surprisingly, rather than playing it safe, Robl boldly bet $85,000, slightly more than the pot size. Sensing victory, Airball raised $175,000, prompting a call from Robl, resulting in Airball taking down a massive $429,000 pot.

Santhosh Survana Aces Didn't Hold Up

Suvarna's pocket aces were no match for his opponent's hand, but he wasn't ready to throw in the towel yet. Despite his rocky performance on the High Stakes Poker show, he had a shot at redemption against a formidable opponent from Harvard.

Tang opened the preflop action with a $5,000 raise, holding A♦️ 5♠️. Suvarna opted to slowplay their A♠️ A♥️ by just calling in position. Adams, in the big blind with 6♣️ 4♣️, chose to call as well. The flop came 5♥️ J♥️ 7♦️.

Tang fired a $7,000 continuation bet with the bottom pair. Suvarna and Adams, with open-ended straight draws, opted to stay in the hand after the 8 ♥ appeared on the turn, completing the straight. Suvarna, who had a heart in his hand, wasn't drawing dead and placed a $25,000 bet.

Adams faced a tough decision, suspecting he might be up against a flush. Despite the risk, he chose not to fold and made the call. Tang discarded his cards. The 5♦ on the river didn't complete the flush, and Adams checked. Suvarna, instead of checking, confidently bet $62,000 for value. Unfortunately for him, Adams had a better hand and called.

Shortly after, Adams found himself holding pocket aces, and he cashed in big time when Airball's ten-high hand failed to improve on the river, resulting in a hefty $140,000 pot. Suvarna then caught fire, raking in substantial winnings from Airball and Tang in the subsequent hands.

● Santhosh and Tang clashed in a high-stakes hand. The board read 5♦ 3♦ 6♠ 9♠. Both players committed their stacks, creating a massive $524,000 pot.
● Tang held 10♦ 7♦, hoping for a monster draw, while Santhosh had 6♣ 5♠, already sitting on two pair.
● They decided to run it twice, but unfortunately for Tang, neither river card improved their drawing hand.

Late Arrival and a Big Loss for Yu

As he often did on programs like Hustler Casino Live, Charles Yu frequently arrived late to the game and lost a large sum quickly:

● Brandon Adams opened with a raise to $5,000, holding 7♠7♦.
● Santhosh Suvarna called with 4♥2♥.
● Yu on the button, three-bet to $29,000 with Q♠Q♥.
● Both Adams and Suvarna called the three-bet.

The flop read 10♦9 ♠7♣ Yu found himself in a tough spot. Adams, holding a bottom set, placed a $45,000 bet. Suvarna folded, but Yu called.

As the 5♥ fell on the turn, Yu checked and called a $90,000 wager. The river card was 5♦, creating a pair on the board. Adams strategically lowered his bet to $85,000, enticing Yu. The result? A jaw-dropping $530,000 pot loss for Yu in Episode 7.

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