Hustler Casino Live Thief Bryan Sagbigsal in Ryan Feldman “Vendetta” Claims

March 13, 2023
Andrew Burnett

Bryan Sagbigsal, the Hustler Casino Live chip thief, has claimed that the show’s co-founder, Ryan Feldman, is running a vendetta against him and is trying to “silence what happened behind the scenes at Hustler” ...

Sagbigsal infamously put himself in the centre of one of last year’s biggest cheating scandals, stealing $15k in chips from Robbi Jade Lew’s stack on the night of her controversial clash with Garrett Adelstein.

Adelstein accused Lew and others of cheating on HCL, but internal-led investigations showed only that Sagbigsal had pocketed three $5k chips while attention was elsewhere.

Now wanted by the police in connection with the theft, and potentially another, Sagbigsal – a staffer for High Stakes Poker Productions, the HCL-owned company that produces the popular poker shows – has recently been speaking out from hiding, and wants the world to know he is a victim in the entire sorry saga.

Although he has deleted many of his multiple tweets, Sagbigsal claims that he and others in the original backroom crew at Hustler were treated badly by Feldman. This treatment included:

  • in adequate pay;
  • lack of respect;
  • violation of California labour laws, and;
  • a complete disregard for employee mental health.

Sagbigsal claims that both Feldman and co-producer of HCL, Nick Vertucci, treated one of his colleagues “like dogshit” while another was “paid terribly and treated like shit as well which is why he left.”

Describing a “power dynamic that caused everyone to walk on eggshells everytime we worked there,” Sagbigsal claims that Feldman “would constantly yell at Brett Cap, Patrick Curran and I during the livestreams and it would make working at HCL a living hell sometimes.”

Although Feldman has not publicly commented on the claims, Vertucci was quick to respond on Twitter, refuting the allegations and claiming Sagbigsal is just “upset” at Feldman copyrighting HCL clips.

Vertucci goes on to say that he “hated having to publicize the theft” that cost Sagbigsal his job but added: “You messed up taking the 15k. You would still be here if not and you know it.”

Vertucci ended with a message of goodwill for Sagbigsal: “And even though you are the one who created this problem are your decision to take $15,000 off the table, I still wish you the best and hope things turn around for you. People make mistakes you have to learn from them.”

While Sagbigsal is in hiding, and Adelstein has been MIA from the poker world, Robbi Jade Lew’s poker career is going from strength to strength.

Not only has she been crossing swords with the likes of Phil Hellmuth on Live at the Bike, and playing the recent Wynn $Millions, but the hand that sparked the entire saga –miraculous/ridiculous J4offsuit jack-high call of Adelstein’s bluff in a $269k – took down an award for ‘Fans’ Choice: Best Hand’ at the recent GPI awards.

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