High Stakes Player Robbed of $500K on GGPoker

September 1, 2023
Mark Patrickson

A high stakes player has posted a complaint that more than $500,000 was stolen from his GGPoker account. The disgruntled grinder said he funded his account while he was in hospital but a rogue agent was able to access the account and request a withdrawal.

GGPoker Says Not Liable

It’s not every day that the poker community hears a story such as this one. The sheer amount of money is such that they’re aren’t many players who could even think about depositing that.

“NaturalNine9” posted his complaint on both Reddit and TwoPlusTwo:

“I’m a mid to high stakes verified poker player on gg poker, I funded in 500k to GGPoker directly, while I was in hospital, my affiliate/agent reset my password and stole my funds.

“Now GG poker states they are not liable and asked me to look for my affiliate/agent! What bs is this? What a loophole that GGpoker allows its affiliates to withdraw its customer funds without their permission!

“Please advise me on how to spread this case to the poker community and regulators of GGPoker! I have since moved under a new skin called natural8, but i wish to know if GGPoker can just ignore my case and push it to the affiliate “cards88”“

It isn’t clear by what mechanism the affiliate is supposed to have accessed this account but there must be more to it than what was written.

Arxontas explained: “I used to have a gg agent account and can confirm that they have access to player funds and can transfer them to their own account.“

Why this is, is not clear at all as it seems to be a recipe for disaster, especially when the site concerned can palm off all responsibility.

A partial text of a response from GGPoker’s security team said the following:

“The investigation based on your gameplay and account activities is complete. In short, there is no other suspicious activity except the ones actioned by your agent, and no other external hacking attempts were found.

“As such, please communicate with your agent as to why and how he changed your password and collected your balance.

“The investigation into the issue you reported has been completed.”

When quizzed about how there was no additional security set up, NaturalNine9 explained that the agent has admin access to all players who signed up through them.

All’s Well that Ends Well - NaturalNine9 Gets $500K Returned

It’s not very often that these stories end well but this is one of them. After a month and five days of sweating over losing an eye-watering amount of money, NaturalNine9 finally got made whole again.

“BUT finally! after 1 month and 5 days from the day that my funds were stolen.... and also after 5 days of endless social media publication of this case,. GGpoker finally woke up and got the MASTER agent of Cards88 to contact me, and they have paid me in full, i have all conversations documented just in the case of future conflict again..”

It turns out that Cards88, the master agent, didn't pull off this stunt but rather a rogue sub-agent who was able to circumvent the affiliate’s own security.

“From our end mainly hoping we let people know that the missing money has been covered, it wasn't directly GG or cards88 at fault, and was a rogue subagent allegedly scammed into requesting a withdrawal.”

Even though this case ended well, NaturalNine9 was still upset over his treatment from what is possibly the biggest online poker site right now. They even alleged that they were asked to remove all social media postings on this matter.

Also, something else which isn’t an everyday occurrence in poker happened. NaturalNine9 was so touched by those who posted supportive messages that he promised to give away 10% of his winnings from September to all of them.

I have to say however though, im not happy with how GGpoker has communicated this incident to me, and i had to make a big fuss, before they got the Master agent to contact me.

“anyway also thanks to those guys who had shown concerned to me in this chat. if i run good this month of september, i will give out 10% of my winnings to those who were nice to me in this post and the post on reddit too..”

And to those who are still wondering why NaturalNine9 would deposit $500K in a single transaction to GGPoker, his answer was revealing.

“when you play everything from 5-10 to 400-800 500-1000 why wouldnt you deposit 500k...

Short deck is a scary game my friend“

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