Drake Loses $400,000 Bet on Jake Paul Tommy Fury Fight

February 28, 2023
Mark Patrickson

Canadian rapper Drake has lost a $400,000 bet on the highly anticipated boxing match between YouTuber Jake Paul and professional fighter Tommy Fury. The match, which took place in Saudi Arabia, saw Fury triumph via split decision, with two of the three judges scoring the fight in his favour.

Drake had placed a substantial wager on Paul to win by knockout, which would have earned him over $1.44 million if his bet had been successful. However, the outcome of the match meant that he lost a staggering $400,000.

This is not the first time that Drake has been involved in HighStakes betting. In the past, his betting choices have been criticised, with some people jokingly referring to it as the 'Drake curse.'

Despite some recent success, some of Drake's betting selections, including the prediction of the winner of the FIFA World Cup final and the Super Bowl, have left fans wondering about whether the curse has returned. Paul himself even joked about it, blaming the curse for his defeat in a post-fight press conference.

While Drake's gambling has often been the subject of much ridicule, he has won massive amounts from some of his bets in the past. During the Super Bowl, he bet a total of £965,000 on seven bets, winning$1.47 million and making an overall profit of $512,000.

The world of sports betting is often unpredictable, and even experienced gamblers like Drake are not immune to losses. Nonetheless, the rapper's high-profile losses and victories have kept the public interested in his betting choices for huge money. The outcome of the Paul vs. Fury fight is just the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of the “Drake curse.”

Leaked Script Send Fans into Fury Over Possibility of a Rigged Event

Just hours before the boxing match between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, an alleged "leaked script" surfaced online, suggesting that the bout had been rigged, with Fury losing via TKO. The document detailed how Fury would take control of the fight before being beaten by Paul in round four due to trouble with his left eye. Skill Challenge, the promoters for the event, insisted to the public that the document was fake.

The script was first shared by Mike Perry, a stand-in fighter in case Fury withdrew from the bout. Perry posted the document on social media, causing it to go viral and raising eyebrows among boxing fans.

Many fans dismissed the idea that the fight was scripted, with some pointing out that Troop Boxing Promotions, mentioned in the document, did not even exist.

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