Daniel Negreanu Hands Out Free Tips for Poker and Life Success

April 21, 2023
Mark Patrickson

Image courtesy of PokerGO.com

Daniel Negreanu has been giving out free tips for those looking to make a success of their lives and poker careers. The Canadian tournament star has had one hell of a career in the poker world, and when he appeared on a sports betting podcast to talk all things betting, the advice he gave out was well worth listening to.

After racking up more than $50 million in live tournament winnings, Negreanu knows what it takes to climb the ladder.

Picking Yourself Back Up Again

One aspect of poker that all great players have in their skill sets is to pick themselves up again after a heavy loss or bad run. It’s simply part of the game.

“To have the ability to get kicked in the head over and over, to then wake up every morning and do it again.

“If you play 100 poker tournaments, 99 times you’re going to get knocked out and lose.

“Sometimes you will do the exact right thing and still lose. If I’m playing poker and put all my money in with pocket aces, which is the best hand, against someone’s pair of jacks, I am 82% to win. Guess what? The 18% happens sometimes.”

Reviewing Goals

Goal setting in poker is crucial to success. Many players start their careers with grand dreams and expect life-changing achievements to quickly follow. Sadly, that isn’t the case. It just doesn’t happen like that.

Negreanu points out the importance of being honest with oneself and reviewing why a particular goal didn’t happen. In this process, poker players must understand that the journey has its own pace and consistency is key to hitting each milestone, no matter how long it takes.

He continues by encouraging players to find their own motivation for success, and making sure that the why is something that will allow you to do something that you love for the rest of your life. Money is rarely such a motivation long-term.

“To be successful at something, ask yourself why you want to be successful at that thing? If your reason is because I want to make a lot of money, then you are probably not going to be successful.

“If money is your driving force, then it’s likely not really something you really love.”

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