What are the Most Common Gambling Rituals Used by Gamblers Around the World?

August 15, 2023

Gambling Rituals Around The World: Uncommon Superstitions And Beliefs Of Gamblers

Gambling is a popular entertainment that brings people pleasure and the opportunity to win extra money. Fans of this entertainment option enjoy it all over the world. However, often before playing, users do specific actions that, according to superstitions, can help attract good luck. In this article, you will learn about the most common gambling rituals that exist today in different countries around the world.

Good Luck Rituals For Gambling: Why They're Used

Users who visit a land-based casino or online establishments know that gambling is directly related to luck. In most cases, luck alone determines whether you can get the winnings. Slot machines, roulette, and baccarat are entertainment options where winning cannot be approached by specific methods. However, blackjack and poker are the games where winning may depend on both luck and the gambler's knowledge.

Today, no methods guarantee 100% luck in gambling entertainment. Therefore, gamblers often pay attention to different signs, such as specific numbers and colors, to understand whether they have a lucky day. These rituals and superstitions were invented by other players and were based on personal experience. They are still actively used by gamblers because, according to them, they help to increase the chances of success.

List Of Lucky Gambling Rituals

The first thing users notice when exploring this topic is lucky signs from fate, which can indicate an upcoming victory. Players are happy to believe in them because many other gamblers have verified them. We've described the most popular superstitions in the table below. They may help to attract fortune to you.

Blow the dice

You have probably noticed in various casino movies that many users blow into the hand that holds the dice before making a roll. This ritual is often performed in real life as well, as it is believed that this way the person charges them with personal energy, which helps the winning combinations to drop out. However, initially, such a move was used for other purposes. Players wanted to get the winnings by any means, so they resorted to shenanigans, such as discreetly applying glue. When the player blew on the dice, it would heat up. The gambler would roll the dice and they would land in certain positions. Yet, today such a trick is unrealistic. Casinos in most countries, including America and Britain, do everything to minimize fraud cases. They keep the dice in special containers until someone joins the table.

Wearing red in gambling establishments

In Asian countries, red is believed to be a color that brings good luck. It attracts fortune to gambling establishments, so gamblers actively use it. For example, ladies can wear red shoes and even underwear of this color to attract good luck. Men favor shirts and ties in this shade. Players in China most often bet on this very color and they do earn more, as per statistics.

Lucky charms

Despite the fact that poker is a serious game that requires a lot of experience and knowledge, users still use special lucky rituals. They take a personal good lucky charm with them to the game, which can be a key chain, a ring, or even a cap.

Another essential ritual often used in casinos involves betting on specific numbers. Players can choose them (for example, take their birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.) or use the numbers that are believed to bring luck:

  • 7 is a lucky number in many cultures; betting on it can bring large profits;
  • 8 is actively used during gambling in China, as the word "eight" sounds like a positive phrase that translates to "bring wealth";
  • 3,6,9 are lucky numbers in Asian culture, considered the "smile of fortune" if the number eight is next to them.

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Superstitions About Casino Mishaps

Of course, other than lucky superstitions, others cause the opposite effect. To be fully prepared for the game, users study not only gambling rituals for good luck but also the harmful elements of the game. For example, the numbers 13 and 4 may indicate that today differs from your betting day at the casino. In Western culture, Friday the 13th is considered a day of bad luck and misfortune. That is why many users do not bet on this number, so fortune stays with them. In China, such a number is a four. Other unlucky superstitions include:

  • crossing your legs;
  • itchy hands;
  • borrowing money from another gambler.

It is worth noting that rituals and superstitions could be clearer because what works for others will not necessarily bring good luck to you. Therefore, you should always rely only on yourself.

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