Top Reasons You Should Play Destiny 2

March 22, 2023

Destiny 2 appeared relatively recently but already has millions of fans around the world. It has admirable gameplay, interesting quests, and a huge pile of exciting content that is constantly updated.

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In this article, we explain with simple examples why Destiny 2 is worth at least paying attention to.

Bungie — industry guru

Bungie Studio has long earned a cult status among gamers. Those who are older remember its Marathon and Myth games, which it released back in the 90s. But, of course, most people know Bungie, first of all, as the creators of the Halo shooter series, which gave the green light to the genre on game consoles, and showed everyone that fast first-person games can be played with a gamepad. Halo was like a Hollywood futuristic blockbuster about the war between humans and aliens, and its main character, the three-meter super soldier Master Chief, became one of the icons of video games. The game was popular with both the press and ordinary players and is still considered one of the best action games in history. You can observe the best ‘Halo’ games ranked.

At some point, Bungie quarreled with Microsoft (Halo was and remains an exclusive Xbox console) and went to make an ambitious Destiny — a sci-fi shooter with maximum emphasis on online events. Many doubted that Bungie would be able to cope with the task, and others scolded Destiny at the start for many problems, but in the end, they managed to create one of the most successful franchises on the market already. Bungie's handwriting is amazingly detailed and beautiful worlds, excellent work with characters, and almost reference shooting mechanics. All this is in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is a blockbuster from the gaming industry

Even though video games have already overtaken the film industry in terms of volume a few years ago, developers do not always decide to invest a lot of money in their work. On average, about five games are released a year, which can be called blockbusters, and by the standards of the modern entertainment industry as a whole. And Destiny is one of them.

Moreover, this was noticeable even in the first game, where one of the main characters was voiced by Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones), and the theme music was written by Sir Paul McCartney. And the large-scale game itself cost, according to various estimates, more than $ 200 million. Destiny 2 is worth even more. The sequel looks and plays on all these attachments. And one more piece of proof that everything is expensive and rich here is the trailer of the game, which was directed by the director of the recent Hollywood blockbuster "Kong: Skull Island" Jordan Here-Roberts.

Destiny 2 is a high—quality work on bugs

The original Destiny was not immediately tasted by everyone. The gaming press gave the game from Bungie six and seven points with a smart look, saying something about the value of the genre and a small amount of content. Ordinary players also resented a lot, but they populated the game world more and more diligently. A few months after the release, it became clear to even the most zealous haters that Bungie had released a hit.

But the popularity of Destiny would quickly disappear if the developers did not listen to the opinion from the outside and did not constantly develop the game. With each new patch or addition, Destiny acquired new chips and features, and closer to its finale, it became the game — with a lot of game modes, the right balance, a lot of artifacts, and a rich universe — that many wanted to get from the very beginning. With Destiny 2, there are much fewer such problems. In the sequel, Bungie screwed the plot to the existing possibilities, and it became quite good. Here is one of the most thoughtful gaming products of recent years.

Destiny 2 won't end in 10 hours

The current crisis in the world partly forces gamers to spend money wisely. For example, choose really big games in which you can easily spend dozens of hours. No wonder Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher 3, Dota 2, and other games that can be played almost endlessly, do not leave the industrial tops.

Given Destiny's online pedigree, exploring the game with the passage of the plot part, leveling the hero, and hunting for decent artifacts and clothing items will take at least 100 hours for the players. And if you remember that there are still additional missions, raids on particularly strong bosses, fights with other players, and much, much more, then Destiny 2 may even become the only game for you that will outshine all the others in time.


This is a game that stands out strongly among the other games released in recent years. It has high-quality soundtracks, amazing graphics, a detailed storyline, and a huge variety of missions filled with action. There are activities here for a player with any expectations. Here you can spend hours fighting for victory and leveling up your character, or you can have a little fun just relaxing after a hard day's work. Therefore, if you have not tried this wonderful game yet, then we advise you to play it.

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