Spin It to Win It with Latest Exciting Addition to PokerBROS

May 18, 2021
Andrew Burnett

If social poker apps are your cup of tea, then the latest addition to PokerBROS will have you champing at the bit to get playing – the new Spin-It game now available 24/7 and to selected Unions...

Designed for those who don’t have the time for MTTs, or as an enjoyable and potentially lucrative filler between your home and club games, Spin-It is a fast-paced and short-handed alternative.
The basic premise is very simple – you sit down at a three-player table and the spin of a wheel determines the prizepool you are fighting for.

Step 1: Spin It

This is where you find out if you are playing for double your buy-in, perhaps triple the entry or all the way up to 100x what you paid to play!

It’s winner takes all up to the 10x prizepools, which means you have to be on your game and aggressive, but as you can see in the table below, the higher SpinIt prizepools sees the money shared out.

Heads-up gets you a share of the 25x games while all three are in the money when it’s the bumper 100x jackpot prizepool.

Prize Pool Multiplier



1st: 80x, 2nd: 10x, 3rd: 10x


1st: 21.25x, 2nd: 3.75x


1st: 10x


1st: 5x


1st: 3x


1st: 2x

Step 2: Win It

Once you know what you’re playing for, it’s traditional No Limit Hold’em action, but with the unique customisable tables you can choose anywhere from 300 to 2000 chip starting stacks.

“Micro-field, super-aggro format”, is how the PokerBROS crew describe it and they’re not wrong, but there’s still room for different strategies.

You can get yourself set up on PokerBROS in just minutes, with the new Spin It games running in the Gold lobby 24/7 and available to selected Unions, and you can join in the fast and furious action right here.

$2000 Bonus
$2000 Deposit Bonus
50% Sports Welcome Bonus

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