Security Never Sleeps as PokerBROS Hunt the Poker Cheats

May 20, 2021
Andrew Burnett

When it comes to dealing with online poker cheats and other dodgy characters with nefarious plans, poker players have to trust their favourite sites. Today we’re going to take a look inside the Game Integrity Bros team showing how mobile app PokerBROS approach the battle – using the motto ‘Security Never Sleeps!’

PokerBROS is the most popular social gaming platform on the market and as such has a lot of ground to cover when it comes to ensuring fair play. To do that, they employ a unique mix of poker security specialists and high-tech tools.

Providing a fair and secure gameplay environment is a “top priority” , say PokerBROS, and topping their list of tools is something called the Live Alerts Engine.

Running 24/7, the rules-based framework scans all the games live, analysing incoming real-time data, events and player behaviour. If an account or play triggers certain criteria, the LAE flags it up for closer inspection.

Depending on the nature of the problem spotted by the software, that could lead to anything from an instant account ban to a more thorough investigation.

Some of those have led to the detection of more organised fraud syndicates, with most readers aware by now of bot networks being used to cheat players and sites.

So, what is the detection rate for cheats of all kinds, beating in mind that it can be something as simple as using multi-accounting, or as sophisticated as attempting to modify gameplay by introducing hacks or mods?

The figures for 2020 show PokerBROS hitting an impressive 97% detection rate, the vast majority of game integrity breaches spotted by the Game Integrity Bros team or flagged for investigation by the Live Alerts Engine.

During the past year of various coronavirus lockdowns globally, when player numbers rose dramatically, PokerBROS have managed to maintain and even slightly increase their detection rates.

“We are proud to announce that we have been able to maintain a very high internal fraud detection rate,” the team stated recently.

“Looking at Q1 of 2021 we are standing firm at around 97-98% on a monthly basis. This great result is thanks to the continuous team effort which puts us at the very forefront of this area in the poker industry.”

It might surprise many that reports of suspicious behaviour coming from players themselves only accounts for 2-3% of cases, but PokerBROS insist that they want players to continue to help them out.

“Always,” they state adamantly. “Those 2-3% of cases reported to us by our attentive customers still play an important part and may reveal incidents which apart from catching additional fraudsters, enable us to improve our tools and detection mechanism as well.”

This is because, “Players see the games from a different perspective and should always report it if anything even slightly suspicious catches their eye.”

Naturally security teams can’t give away all of their secrets, but it’s always good to know that sites are actively chasing the cheats. If you want to know more about the PokerBROS approach to game integrity, check them out here.

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