Poker Tips for Beginners

November 26, 2021
Mark Patrickson

The World Series of Poker 2021 has just finished and has been a considerable success. Many new players will have followed the coverage on PokerGO and are now being serious about giving the game a go.

The first problem they will encounter is knowing exactly where to start. Poker is such a huge game with many facets that must all be covered to some degree. Nothing can be completely ignored.

The following is a brief look at some of the areas a beginner should spend some time mulling over.

Be Prepared to Invest

Poker is a hard enough gig as it is, without having to do it all yourself, climbing up from the very smallest stakes. Employing a poker coach is a sure fire way to increase the speed of your progress.

A good coach will be able to spot your worst leaks quickly and offer a solution as to how to best learn about the situation, playing the correct lines.

Investing in coaching might actually end up being more profitable than otherwise. The opportunity cost of achieving your goals at a slower pace might rob you of the chance to build a big pot of cash much earlier in the day.

Hone Your Skills in Freeroll Tournaments

Having the opportunity to improve your skills without risk is something you should always consider. Tournament freerolls are perfect for this.

A freeroll is a tournament that has cash prizes or tournament tickets up for grabs with no entry free. These are a great way to build up confidence in your game. If you would prefer to seek out smaller fields then search for freeroll passwords and you will have much less competition for the spoils.

Exclusive freerolls are a much better bet than having to deal with a field of 10,000 players, when you might spend hours playing for no reward at all. If you dream of one day playing in a major event on then you must get a bankroll built quickly. And if you’re starting from nothing then small field freerolls are the way to go.

Readers can check out 888 poker freeroll passwords for some of the best opportunities to get your bankroll built and your tournament career on the way forward.

Bankroll Management Is Key

Any poker player knows that playing the game comes with a level of variance. Okay, many seriously underestimate just how extreme it can be, but at least no player should ever have to be convinced that there will be losing sessions along the way.

Sticking to proper bankroll management is how winning players remove the risk of going broke, or at least reduce it to an insignificant amount.

Cash game players should aim to keep 30-50 buy-ins dedicated for poker, depending on their personal tolerance for risk. And tournament players should never have less than 300x the average buy-in.

At the risk of stating the obvious, it does not matter how big your bankroll is if you are a losing player, you will go broke at some point in the future unless you reinvest.

Tight Is Right

Along your poker journey, you will encounter players of all manner of styles. Usually these are broken down into tight or loose, and aggressive or passive.

While there is still debate on whether tight is better than loose, it is certain that aggressive is better than passive. Tight-aggressive is the most common style you will see among professional players. Players who like to play a lot of hands pre-flop do so at the expense of having a lot of weak hands in their range. This makes playing their overall range more difficult, with a greater risk of mistakes.

Always remember that aggressive play has the advantage of winning pots where you have the second-best hand. Playing passive will allow people to run you over.

Position Is King

Position has to be the most misunderstood concept by beginners. Getting to grips with this concept alone will make you a much better player.

In a game of incomplete information, the more information you have translates into a better quality decision and later more profit. If you get to see what your opponent’s action is before you must decide on your own, this is incredibly helpful.

So logically, in a position at the table where you are more likely to play out of position, you must play a tighter range of hands.

Many beginners assume that because they get a pre-flop discount in the blinds, they are allowed to play almost any hand that they want. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact that you will be playing out of position post-flop makes the situation much less desirable than you might think.

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