Online Poker League Launches Irish Poker Open Qualifier Season March 13th

March 11, 2022
Mark Patrickson

The Online Poker League is back with an exciting new season offering a chance to qualify for the Irish Poker Open. An eight event season, running exclusively on HighStakes, is packed with tons of added value and promises to be an edition to remember.

Irish Poker Open

The Irish Poker Open is the longest running live poker event in Europe and only the prestigious World Series of Poker has been around longer.

First launched in 1980, by Irish bookmaker Terry Rogers, this massively popular tournament will return to the live arena in April after two years of running online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

HighStakes will also be sponsoring Event #32 €2,000 HighStakes High Roller as an official side event.

Tons of Tickets Up for Grabs

HighStakes is offering the fastest and cheapest route to playing at the Irish Poker Open. Eight OPL tournaments running every day from March 13 to 20 each costing only $5 to enter.

The leaderboard winner at the end of the series will win a ticket to play in the Irish Poker Open Main Event worth €1,150.

There will be $6,500 of added value into the mix, giving players plenty of cash to fight for even if the main event ticket remains out of reach. The winner of each event will pick up $500 cash.

On top of that there will also be five Irish Poker Open FLIP qualifier tickets up for grabs in each tournament. These are worth $100 and give entry into the direct qualifier held on March 27.

Satellite in for Free

It’s not just all about the OPL on HighStakes next week, there are plenty more opportunities to qualify for the Irish Poker Open.

Freerolls are running twice daily, and there are three direct qualifier events running at the end of the month.

Check out the schedule below:

Daily Freerolls to the main qualifiers:

  • 17:30 Daily: Irish Open Qualifier with 2 seats to the Irish Open Qualifier 1 seat GTD on March 27th 19:00 up for grabs.
  • 18:00 Daily: Irish Open FLIP Qualifier with 1 seat for the winner into the March 27th 19:00 2 seat GTD FLIP qualifier.

Direct Seat Qualifiers:

  • Irish Open Qualifier 1 Seat GTD: March 27th 19:00. 1 X $1300 Seat to the Irish Poker Open GTD. $25 rebuy
  • Irish Open Qualifier 2 Seats GTD: March 27th 19:00. 2 X $1300 Seats To the Irish Poker Open GTD. $100 Re-Entry. Every player is all in each hand.
  • Irish Open Qualifier 1 Seat GTD: April 3rd (last chance to qualify). 1 X $1300 seat to the Irish Poker Open GTD. $0 entry with $5 rebuys.

$2000 Bonus
$2000 Deposit Bonus

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