Online Poker League Kicks Off Today! - $25,000 Added Value

November 7, 2021
Mark Patrickson

Tournament fans will be on stand by this afternoon as the 18th season of the Online Poker League gets ready to kick off later tonight. An amazing $25,000 of added value promises to make this 10-platform series something to remember.

Over three weeks players have the opportunity to win a decent bankroll that will see them right for a long time.

Bigger and Better

  • 40 tournaments
  • 10 different platforms
  • $25,000 guaranteed in cash prizes
  • Many prizes for the leaderboard top places
  • Three weeks of action

The OPL is still going strong after 18 editions, and now supported by 10 different online poker platforms it promises small-stakes tournament players a chance to play events as a part of a community where the extra value added to the prize pools can make a major difference. is also back and will be hosting no less than four of the Season 18 event schedule.

The OPL will also welcome Twitch streamer Jordan Banfield for Season 18. The Canadian tournament grinder will be broadcasting the events that he plays, giving those players who are on the fence about joining the chance to see how it all works. Banfield’s channel is well worth a visit for new players.

For those unfamiliar with the OPL, it’s not just about the individual events, but also the leaderboard race that pays out big prizes compared to the tournament buy-ins.

Each event pays out the following points:

1st - 100pt
2nd - 75pt
3rd - 65pt
4th - 55pt
5th - 50pt
6th - 45pt
7th - 40pt
8th - 35pt
9th - 30pt
10th - 25pt

The final end of season leaderboard rankings will win prizes of:

1st - $500
2nd - $225
3rd - $225
4th - $225
5th - $175

What’s Different about the Online Poker League?

The OPL is by far the best value series micro-stakes tournament players will find online today. Tons of added value to be won in every edition, that has seen a six-figure sum paid out in recent times.

The aim is to welcome beginners, and more skilled players who want to play in a less serious environment, into the growing community. If you think this sounds ideal for you then check out all the details here.

$2000 Bonus
$2000 Deposit Bonus

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