Online Casino Bonuses: Too Good to Be True or Worth It?

July 26, 2022

When shopping around for an online casino, one of the factors that some people consider are the bonuses they can get and the promos and offers available. Most online casinos nowadays always have something to offer for new customers and even for their existing and loyal customers.

Now, if you’re new to online casino gaming, you’re probably wondering if these bonuses are real or worth getting in the first place. Well, even if a bonus may sound like it’s too good to be true, they are real.

You don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of these offers too if you’re dealing with licensed casino sites. This is why you should go on sites listed on to make sure that you’re only visiting legit and reputable gambling sites.

Why Do Online Casinos Offer Bonuses?

So, now that you know which casino sites you can trust, it’s also wise to at least understand how casino bonuses work and why they are offered in the first place.

Well, giving out bonuses is always a great way to market an online casino and bookie’s services. This is why many operators focus on sign-up and welcome bonuses. Their main goal is to always get new customers, so they usually give generous welcome offers.

But of course, a welcome bonus shouldn’t be the end of their marketing strategy. They also need to make sure that these new customers keep playing on their sites and make more deposits. That’s why you also see them offering different types of reloading and deposit bonuses.

Others would also have a loyalty program in place wherein players get to earn points for every casino game they play. An example is how Ignition Casino has something called Ignition Miles. These “Miles” or points are earned every time players place a bet. Eventually, they can then exchange these points for exclusive bonuses or even bonus credits that they can use to play at the casino.

Now, when people see online casinos offering match bonuses of 100% or even sometimes up to 400%, many will be quick to say that it’s too good to be true. Well, the offer is there so it’s true, but the question should be about whether a bonus is worth it or not.

Understanding How Bonuses Work and the Wagering Requirements

Online casinos don’t just give bonuses outright as they come with terms and conditions. If operators just give players a welcome bonus immediately after they sign up and allow them to withdraw it right away, no one would even consider playing at an online casino anymore. They’d just go around withdrawing bonuses and making profits.

So, to avoid that, there are wagering requirements in place. When you look at a casino bonus, check terms and look for the wagering requirements. Here’s an example of a bonus with wagering terms:

Get a 100% match deposit bonus with 20x wagering requirements and a maximum cashout amount of 20x the deposit.

What this means is that if you deposit $20 with this bonus, you’ll get a total of $40 in your gaming account. The extra $20 is the bonus you get which you can use to play at the casino. However, you can’t withdraw your deposit and winnings right away because of the 20x wagering requirements.

What this means is that you need to place bets 20 times before you can withdraw your deposit and winnings.

The maximum cashout amount is the cap or the limit of the winnings you can get with the bonus activated. So this means that the most you can win from the bonus bets you place are $400 or 20 times the amount of your deposit, which was $20.

Other online casinos display this differently and say the wagering requirements are 10x deposit plus bonus. That means that you should bet 10s times the amount of your deposit and bonus before you can withdraw your money.

They can also be upfront about the maximum cashout or bonus you can get. They can just say that you can get a 100% match deposit bonus of up to $100. So, if you deposit $150, the bonus you’ll get is capped at $100. You won’t get another $150.

With all that considered, are casino bonuses worth getting?

The answer depends on the wagering requirements and how much time and money you’ll spend playing at the casino.

Generally, wagering requirements below 35x are quite good. It’s easy to achieve, especially if you’re mainly playing slots.

Anything above 35x is something you need to think about as it’s not ideal for casual players. High wagering requirements are good for people who’ll deposit larger amounts in their accounts and are planning to spend a lot of time at the casino.

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