Notable Poker Events You Must Watch Out For

July 29, 2023

The popularity of poker is unquestionable, as many people play and watch its tournaments globally. It is an exciting game that combines calculation, strategy, and a touch of luck. Many people play this card game for fun and leisure. However, there are a select few who pursue it as a lucrative career. These professionals play in high-stakes games that offer substantial rewards to the most skilled players.

Competing at such high-level tournaments requires that you have top-tier poker skills, which can only be attained through rigorous training and dedicated practice. Each year, these remarkable players treat the world to a grand spectacle of breathtaking poker games where they display their breathtaking skills. In this article, we present the most notable poker tournaments you must watch out for.

European Poker Tournament (EPT)

Since its inception in 2004, the European Poker Tournament (EPT) has maintained a year-round presence. EPT is renowned for its emphasis on inclusivity, as it offers affordable qualifiers and free rolls. It is a friendly event that allows amateurs to enroll and go head-to-head with the best in the game.

The visionary behind the EPT is none other than John Duthie, who serves as both the tournament's director and also participates as a player. The EPT hosted its inaugural series in various European countries, including Monte Carlo, Barcelona, and London. Since then, this tournament has always attracted more than a thousand players who earn their spot through satellite and online PokerStars tournaments. The main event stands out with prize pools of around $1 million. Other side events offer generous payouts ranging from $50,000 to $900,000.

WSOP Online

This online tournament brings the intensity and competitiveness of poker to the online realm. This highly competitive poker tournament attracts more than 2000 incredible poker players and runs throughout the year. Its main event has a payout exceeding $2 million and also offers players a chance to compete for other substantial prizes.

The WSOP Online has emerged as a transformative platform where poker players who may have previously struggled to secure a place in other lucrative tournaments can get an opportunity to compete. Moreover, the WSOP Online has opened the doors to an exhilarating world of online poker. You can now play online poker in the comfort of your home. Thanks to CasinoAUS, you can get the best resources from their site about the top-rated online sites where you can play online poker for real money in Australia. Such sites also have great game variety and efficient payouts. Additionally, the CasinoAUS site provides a comprehensive guide that takes you through a step-by-step process of how you can start to play poker online.

WPT World Championship

The World Poker Tour (WPT) is a world championship event that takes place once every year in December. The first WPT was in 2003 when some fans were willing to pay a whopping $25,000 for front-row seats to witness the intense action unfold. This tournament always delivers breathtaking contests from the best world poker players.

The beginning of the WPT games includes a mix of amateurs, rising stars, and professionals who love to portray their poker prowess. The 2022 WTP was hosted for the first time at Wynn, Las Vegas, and it ended up breaking previous records. During this remarkable edition, Eliot Hudon, hailing from Canada, secured the prestigious title and an astonishing $4.1 million in winnings. With up to 2,500 players drawn to its highly competitive environment, the WPT stands out as a pinnacle of poker excellence.

Triton Super High Roller Series

Triton is quite new compared to events like PokerStars, WPT, and WSOP. This event mainly focuses on high roller events, making it preferable to established pro poker players. This tournament made history by giving the biggest prize in 2019. The event held in London saw Bryn Kenney walk away with $20 million in a heads-up poker deal.
Triton Super High Roller Series occurs throughout the year and is always hosted in exotic locations worldwide. Unlike most tournaments, Triton attracts a small number of competitors, from around 30 to 200 players. The payout ranges in this event fall between $200,000 to $ 20 million depending on the number of entrants and the entry fee.

World Series Of Poker (WSOP)

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) stands out as the pinnacle of poker tournaments. It is renowned as the most prestigious and iconic event in the poker world. Its roots trace back to 1969, when it began as the Texas Gambling Reunion. Today, the WSOP takes place annually between May and July in Las Vegas. However, players can participate in its online spinoffs throughout the year.

To most poker enthusiasts, the WSOP is synonymous with poker's equivalent of the World Cup, as it draws players from across the globe to the summer festivals in Las Vegas. The allure lies not only in the prestige of being crowned a WSOP champion but also in the substantial winnings at stake. The average payout for events in WSOP tournaments exceeds $1,000,000. However, the world champions have the potential to walk away with more than $10 million in winnings.


The World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) is a PokerStars annual event that takes place in November. This tournament covers a wide range of poker variants and buy-ins. Participants can choose to engage in their favorite poker variant, from Texas Hold’em, Stud, Draw, Pot Limit Hold’em to Mixed Games.

What sets the WCOOP apart from many other tournaments is its accessibility. Players can choose to compete in the main events with buy-ins of $55 or opt for a higher-stakes challenge with the $5,200 entry fee. The favorite variants that attract the most players to the event are Pot Limit Omaha and Hold’em.

In Summation

Poker is an exciting card game that can keep you engaged with its thrill and impressive gameplay. If you have advanced poker skills, you should consider participating in the above tournaments. By engaging in competitive poker tournaments, you open yourself up to the possibility of substantial payouts and the opportunity to enhance and refine your poker skills. Moreover, you will also gain valuable experience, earn recognition, and establish yourself as a formidable and respected player within the poker community.

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