How Artificial Intelligence Can Shape the Future of Online Casinos

December 20, 2022
Mark Patrickson

Artificial intelligence is the latest area of the tech world that looks to be promising major changes in our lives in the upcoming decades. The internet revolutionised how we live over the past 30 years and now technology has advanced sufficiently enough to allow the creation of AI products that could again revolutionise life all over the globe.

AI is already making an impact in the gambling industry. Any punter looking for free spins and casino slots is almost guaranteed to come across games that have used AI to offer a more immersive user experience.

So, how will AI shape the future of online casinos? As it turns out, in more ways than expected. Let’s take a look at some of the changes already happening today and what we can expect in the near future.

AI Chatbots

Good customer service is key to running a successful online casino. While wait times for an enquiry are often reasonable, there is no substitute for an instant reply. This is where next generation AI chatbots come in.

Already for many years, regular gamblers will have come across the ubiquitous “Hello, how may I help you?” message. The basic chatbot would filter for keywords and then suggest a solution to the question. In the coming years, we will see chatbots answering questions of an ever-increasing complexity that allows human customer service operators to deal with problems that require a personal touch.

Live dealer games have become more prevalent in recent years and the moderation in the chat box has proven to be an issue at times. The emotions involved with gambling sometimes lead players into posting inappropriate messages which can ruin the community atmosphere. Next-Gen chatbots will be able to remove these messages and deal with the user in seconds without ever needing the service of a human.

Fraud Detection

Fraud detection is crucial for online casinos. While operators generally do their utmost to spot suspicious transactions, the sheer volume of daily payments means that some do slip through the net.

Already, AI tools are in place to improve detection rates but in the future it is thought that card fraud will become extremely rare as the new technology notifies the payment provider allowing a much faster resolution.

Social Responsibility

One area of concern in the world of casino gaming in recent years has been the lack of social responsibility from some operators. The Crown Resorts scandal in Australia ended up with massive fines handed out for failing to protect vulnerable gamblers.

In the future, AI will allow online casino operators to quickly spot when a customer is showing patterns of irresponsible gambling. Gamblers can always self-exclude from a particular site but this is an ineffective way of protection given how many options there are available.

AI will detect worrying gambling patterns through behavioural analysis and alert customer service to intervene.

Personalised Marketing

Personalised bonuses and promotions have long been offered to online casino users but only on a small scale. AI in the future will quickly spot patterns and put together exactly what a particular customer will be interested in.

This kind of AI will narrow down exactly which games each customer will like the most even before they realise themselves in many cases. The pattern recognition ability of AI will always be many steps ahead.

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