Gigadat as a Payment and Withdrawal Method for Online Casinos in Canada: An Overview

July 28, 2022

More than ever, the online and social gaming industries are growing quickly and demand specialized merchant accounts. Using highly responsive payment platforms simplifies the complexity of issues faced by Canadian social gaming and internet gaming platforms at both state and federal levels. Amongst the recommended payment system methods open to casino merchants is the leading Gigadat banking platform.

Experience qualifies as a standing feature for customers when choosing online casinos, and if you look at Gigadat casinos, you can easily find its evidence. Businesses can now choose from a wide range of adaptable and reliable digital payment methods from Gigadat, ensuring the success of the electronic market. Canadian customers value the fact that their services make online gaming simpler. The market is expanding quickly, with more players looking for best paying online casino that utilize these cutting-edge online banking payment options.

According to Kevin N. Cochran, a gaming expert and professional tipster on several virtual platforms, online merchants will always enjoy a platform they are familiar with based on trust and proficiency. Every user will love to see the touch of expertise and experience to guarantee a 100% transaction for their pay-ins and payouts. This article will evaluate Gigadat as a payment and withdrawal method for online casinos in Canada.

The Gigadat Payment Method

It is a platform for financial transactions developed in Canada by a group of payment experts. The business was established to assist Canadians in making secure online payments domestic and foreign merchants. Gigadat, a Winnipeg, Manitoba-based company, collaborates with banking firms across Canada to enable consumers in Canada to conduct secure online transactions.

The platform has an established connection with Interac. They operate a well-recognized system for handling online purchases made by customers and businesses using Interac. While Gigadat manages the movement of money from customers to retailers or internet casinos, Interac developed and marketed the infrastructure linking Canada’s banking institutions online.

Benefits of Using Gigadat

The company’s website lists two primary objectives for the payment method. It seeks to enable all Canadians with bank accounts to conduct virtual transactions.

Additionally, it intends to provide digital merchants, online casinos, and gamblers with a financial gateway that is 100 percent secure, has sophisticated functionality to make challenging tasks seem simple and protects the economic security of these parties. Additional benefits we will list out include:

1. Safety and Security

Therefore, it should be no surprise that Gigadat is secure and safe, given that it is a standby solution provider. The ability to work seamlessly with Canadian banks served as the foundation for the development of digital payment.

The leading Canadian banks use it as one of their most integrated digital platforms. As a result, this offers an unparalleled level of convenience that no other digital platform can match.

2. Convenience

Because it is linked to the biggest Canadian banks, you may make a deposit or withdrawal without having to register with a new digital wallet, go through several processes, or remember new passwords.

Because of the extensive connection between banking institutions and online casinos, gamblers favor Gigadat as their favorite payment option.

3. In-house Development

In terms of history, Gigadat is right there with Interac. The duo paired as efficient service providers are so closely tied to one another that they are frequently considered the same digital platform.

It suffices to clarify that the payment system is a home-based provider; therefore, there is no need to go into great depth about the distinctions. Canadians may be sure of receiving the highest caliber of service because it is onshore and governed by the Canadian Financial Services regulatory environment.

4. Making Pay-ins Using the Gigadat Platform

If you own an account with any of the banks currently incorporated for Gigadat payments and have online banking enabled, paying through the system is easy. You have likely utilized the payment ecosystem before if you have ever used Interac to make an online purchase or to finance a casino account.

You only need to choose Interac as your payment method in the casino’s cashier section. Choose Interac E-Transfer or Interac Online if you want to use the Gigadat platform, and your payment will be handled through the its gateway.

The casino will provide detailed instructions to ensure a seamless transaction process. When you make your initial deposits, include any applicable promotional codes or choose to receive bonuses if you want to be eligible for the casino’s welcome offer. Here’s a step-by-step procedure to go through the process

  • Proceed to the section ‘Cashier’ on the online base.
  • Then, Go to the offer page, click “Redeem,” or enter the Bonus Code into the “Enter Code” button to claim your bonuses.
  • Afterward, carry on with making a deposit. Choose between Interac Online or Interac E Transfer as your method of payment.
  • That’s all, then! You’ve made a deposit with Gigadat.

Using The Withdrawal Option On Gigadat

It is very straightforward to withdraw with Gigadat gateways. Before you may withdraw your earnings if you’ve taken a bonus, you must meet the casino’s wagering requirements.

When you request a cash-out, select the amount you wish to withdraw and select Interac E-Transfer or Interac Online if you have followed these steps and have withdrawable earnings in your casino account.

Depending on the procedures of the casino you select, the casino will guide you through the process, and the cash-out procedure ought to be simple and quick.


Amongst the most dependable payment options for Canadians is Gigadat. Every user will have great peace knowing that it is authentic, reliable, secure, and boasts over 35 years of experience in the money market sector.

Additionally, it’s quite simple and comfortable to deposit and withdraw money, which is why many banks have created a partnership to establish a smooth payment procedure. As rewarding as your experience may be, do remember to gamble responsibly.

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