Explore the Largest Brand Sponsors For Juventus FC

August 1, 2023

One of the largest football clubs in Italian history is Juventus. Being exceptionally talented and accommodating some of the big names like Alessandro Del Piero, Gianluigi Buffon, Raimundo Orsi and so on, many sponsors turned to make collaborations with this club.

If you are a football enthusiast, you must know exactly why Juve is a good fit for prominent names in their respective disciplines from across the world. Let us brief you if you are not aware of Juve accomplishments so far.

The club is referred to as la Vecchia Signora ("the Old Lady") and has won 36 official league championships, 14 Coppa Italia championships, and 09 Supercoppa Italiana championships. Besides this, Juventus is also the record holder of many other championships.

Moving on to sponsorships, we all know that a club can't become popular and function well without sponsors, especially in today's digital world, where everything is portrayed on large platforms. When it comes to sponsors, Juventus has some well-known names up their sleeves.


Since 2012, Jeep, a car manufacturer with its headquarters in Ohio, has supported Juventus as a Principal Sponsor. It is a well-known, iconic trademark that gives Juventus' shirt a touch of regal elegance.

The partnership has been ongoing for so many years, with its most recent extension of 3 years granted in January 2021. It is fascinating that this extension generates approximately €45 million annually with the potential to advance further with add-ons.


It is needless to say, just how much Adidas managed to benefit Juventus since the brand name speaks for itself. Juventus and Adidas inked their collaboration back in 2015.

This caused a significant shift since the official kit supplier of Juventus was switched from American sportswear to the German sportswear powerhouse.

The most recent renewal of collaboration occurred in 2018 with a new and improved agreement that will continue through June 2027 and bring in at least € 51 million yearly.


Given that everyone is aware of football's popularity around the globe and its enormous fan base, it is clear to see why gambling businesses support major football teams. Juventus is no exception since it has partnered with a few casino brands previously, with 10Bet being the most striking name back in 2019.

For Juventus fans, 10Bet even came up with a special Bonus casino to hook more and more fans into becoming loyal users. However, there have been many controversies since the appraisal of the ban on Italian football clubs to strike sponsorship deals with gambling and betting platforms.


Juventus signed this jaw-dropping collaboration in 2019, making the renowned video game firm KONAMI its sponsor. All video game fans know this big name.

Konami has its roots spread deep in Japan and is a worldwide sponsor of the Juventus club, granting them exclusive rights to their licenses, which contain images of actual players, uniforms, and stadiums.

Konami has released two versions of the legendary eFootball PES game in 2020 and 2021, which is a fierce rival of the annually released EA sports game FIFA.


With cryptocurrencies taking charge of digital industries, it is no surprise that cryptocurrencies are making big names for themselves. Many global industries, including food, medicine, and even casinos like Online casino reviews, have adopted cryptocurrencies for worldwide transactions.

However, cryptocurrencies still lacked women's participation in the stance that Global Cryptocurrency processor Bitget has extended its hands to strike a sponsorship agreement with the Italian Series A club's women's team on International Women's Day.

The main reason behind this sponsorship was to bring crypto to a wider female audience and motivate them to grab trading opportunities in the crypto space.

Wrap Up

As a famous and potential football club, Juventus has attracted the attention of many main, global, and regional sponsors. Besides some main sponsorships mentioned above, the famous Black & Whites have many other sponsors on the board, and many potential partners are waiting to hit the deals in the future.

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