Best Video Poker Strategies Online

July 1, 2021

Video poker is a great way to blow off some steam. It’s so easy to play, with simple rules, and there’s just enough strategy to keep you amused.

Some readers will argue that video poker games are no better than slot machines. This is not true. There is no strategy of note in slot machine play, but there’s at least a little bit for video poker.

Why Play Video Poker?

The main reason for learning how to play video poker is simply the favourable odds. Unlike every traditional table game that has an in-built house edge, some video poker variants are geared so that a skilled player can make a profit.

The player has the ability to directly influence the game.

Top Tips for Beating Video Poker

To start with, every player should understand that guessing is a huge no no when it comes to strategy games. You should ensure that you know what your strategy is for every situation. Even a poor strategy is better than guessing and will make sure that you get the most hours of entertainment for your money, even if you’re not winning overall.

Choosing the right game is essential. There are many video poker games out there that are geared towards giving the house a huge edge. Obviously in this scenario you will get less value for your money.

Jacks or Better is a popular choice for new players. Not only does it have low volatility, but the strategy is also simple to follow. The lack of harsh variance helps to prevent wild swings with your bankroll.

On the subject of bankroll, players should always make sure they are properly rolled to play the size bet they use. Do your own research and make sure you are disciplined enough to stick to your bankroll strategy.

One good standalone tip is the golden rule of never breaking up a winning hand in order to chase an even bigger hand. This will only hurt your bottom line over the long run.

Another helpful tip is to never hold three cards to draw to a flush or a straight. You should only ever do this when drawing to a straight flush.

Bet the Max

Video poker games allow wagers risking from one to five coins per hand. To maximise your winnings you should always bet the maximum five coins. This is because when you hit that 1 in 40,000 shot and land a royal flush the payouts are skewed in favour of the bigger wager.

  • 250 coin royal flush on a one coin bet
  • 500 coin royal flush on a two coin bet
  • 750 coin royal flush on a three coin bet
  • 1,000 coin royal flush on a four coin bet
  • 4,000 coin royal flush on a five coin bet

As you can see that’s a whopping 3,000 extra coins difference between a four coin bet and a five coin bet.

Casual players don’t need to worry too much about this being as 97% of the game payouts will come from hand rankings lower than a royal flush.

Hopefully these tips above will encourage you to give video poker a try. It’s a great boredom killer that will give you hours of fun when you’re not up for more serious gambling such as real money poker cash games or tournaments.

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