Best Casinos in Germany

January 27, 2022
Mark Patrickson

Not a lot is written about the German casino industry in the English speaking world but the country is one of the best gambling destinations in the world. Many of the properties display architecture that is simply breathtaking, coupled with lavish surroundings inside.

As popular as the online sector is, as witnessed by the many choices seen at, the brick-and-mortar casinos are the real jewel in the crown.

Due to Germany being divided into 16 federal states, there is some variation in the laws by which each casino must operate. From bonuses to promotions there is wild variety of what is on offer to entice each customer through the door, so each case is different. All that said, every gambler can expect to be treated well in a German casino, particularly any from our top picks listed below.

The Best Casinos to Visit in Germany

#1 Casino Berlin

Located at Potsdamer Platz, the Casino Berlin services gamblers every day of the year. One of the biggest gambling properties in Germany, the 118,403 sq.ft floor offers12 gaming tables and more than 300 electronic machines.

The poker room is said to be Germany’s largest with at least eight tables available to run round the clock. Culture buffs will also find a theatre on the first floor.

#2 Baden-Baden Casino

The Baden-Baden Casino is the oldest in Germany, dating back more than 200 years. The ultra-traditional decor sets this gaming floor apart from anything most gamblers will have seen before.

18 tables games and 140 slot machines spread across 2,200 sq.ft are enough to keep most clientele satisfied after a day relaxing in the spa resort.

Patrons are expected to dress appropriately and must pay €5 to enter or €1 just to play on the slots.

#3 Casino Esplanade - Casino Hamburg

The Casino Esplanade is a two-storey casino covering 22,000 sq.ft. Opened in 1978, it now offers 13 table games with 135 slot machines on the first floor.

Poker fans can also expect to find plenty of action on any of the five tables.

There is also a semi-strict dress code to be aware of in the live gaming area but casual attire is welcome on the slot machine floor.

#4 Casino Bad Wiessee

The Casino Bad Wiessee offers one of the best views we can expect to find when gaming next to a lakeside. Set across 6,000 sq.ft, 200 slot machines and 13 traditional gaming tables provide enough entertainment for even the most ardent gambler.

This casino originally opened back in 1957 but moved to the current property in 2005.

#5 Casino Duisburg

The Casino Duisburg possibly ranks as the most visited in all of Germany. The 87,188 sq.ft gaming floor has plush surroundings with 33 tables offering all of the usual games seen at other casinos. The 350 slot machines is probably the biggest collection in the country.

The restaurant and bar make this an ideal casino to visit for tourists but the strict dress code leaves punters in no doubt that the business is looking for high-class clientele.

So there you have it. Be in no doubt that Germany easily ranks as one of the best casino destinations for gamblers to visit in 2022.

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