ACR Switches Sunday Squeeze and The Dime into Mystery Bounty Format

October 13, 2023
Mark Patrickson

ACR Poker has switched two of its fan-favourite monthly events to the exciting Mystery Bounty format. Starting this month, The Sunday Squeeze and The Dime will now be Mystery Bounty tournaments giving all players who reach Day 2 the chance to win a huge prize.

Day 1 Flights Every Day

Both The Sunday Squeeze and The Dime have Day 1 flights running every two hours throughout the day.

Day 2 runs on the last Sunday of the month at 2:05pm ET.

Tournament Details

Tournament Guarantee Buy-in Top Mystery Bounty
The Sunday Squeeze $250,000 $16.50 $25,000
The Dime $75,000 $2.50 $7,500

Day 1 Flights on Monday through Sunday
12:05 am ET 12:05 pm ET
2:05 am ET 2:05 pm ET
4:05 am ET 4:05 pm ET
6:05 am ET 6:05 pm ET
8:05 am ET 8:05 pm ET
10:05 am ET 10:05 pm ET

Why the Mystery Bounty Format?

ACR Poker is keeping up with the times and giving its player the most exciting tournament experience possible with the modern Mystery Bounty format. This style tournament adds an extra layer of excitement to the standard bounty tournament format which itself is starting to replace the traditional freezeout.

In a regular bounty tournament, players earn a fixed bounty amount for each player they eliminate, depending on how much they have “on their head”. However, in the Mystery Bounty Tournament, bounties are awarded only in Phase 2, and the amount you win is a surprise every time, drawn from a pool of payouts in raffle style.

Only those who qualify for Phase 2 can access the bounty prize pool, making each bounty reward much larger than usual, increasing the excitement.

The Sunday Squeeze and The Dime have multiple Phase 1 flights to help players accumulate their chip stack.

There are two ways to win big: run deep or collect a big bounty. Players can win randomly assigned bounties worth thousands of dollars. In Phase 2, everyone has a chance to eliminate an opponent from the very first hand, potentially winning the top bounty prize and taking home more than the tournament winner.

These two exciting events are a must-play for those looking for a thrilling tournament experience.

$2000 Bonus
30% Rakeback
$2000 Deposit Bonus