A Guide to the Best Roulette Sites for Maximum Entertainment

December 1, 2023
Nenad Nikolic

Roulette is the gambling game most players associate with the casino experience. It’s flashy and exciting and there’s a feeling of suspense that you don’t get with any other casino game. Roulettes are equally loved and played in online casinos that do what they can to mimic that look and feel you get in an actual on-the-ground establishment.
In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose roulette sites with the goal of playing as long as you can. This means that the features we recommend aren’t always made for high-rollers, but more for players with a mid-size bankroll.

Trust and Fairness

The first thing to look for from a roulette site is for it to be trustworthy and fair. The site needs to be licensed properly and it needs to be open and honest about the odds of its games. With roulette, sites can offer live dealer games that have the same odds as the on-the-ground casinos. Alternatively, they can have a roulette based on a random number generator.
In both cases, it’s best for players to check out the online reviews and make sure that the roulette site they are using is well-reviewed.

Bet Size

The best roulette sites are the ones that allow bets of all sizes and therefore have a diverse pool of players. This means that novice players use these sites to try the game out and have fun. The same goes for high-rollers who bet big and can come out with substantial winnings.
Check out the range of available bets and match it with your bankroll size. It’s best to choose a table with the bet limits that will allow you to play out your mid-term roulette strategy.

Bonuses and Promotions

Most roulette sites offer a variety of bonuses and promotions. These can be a great deal for new or loyal players who stick with the same roulette site. Bonuses come in the form of welcome deposits, they sometimes match the deposit the player has made, and some sites offer lower fees based on the payment method the players are using.

It’s important for players to be clear about how to qualify for these promotions and bonuses and to be aware of the wagering requirements attached to them. They can lower the risks somewhat and help players learn how to play with no investment of their own.

Payment Methods

Choosing a roulette site based on the payment methods it provides is simple enough – the more the better. Even if you plan to use only one payment method and only one cryptocurrency, the best way to go is to choose a roulette site that accepts as many payment options as possible. This includes crypto and fiat currencies.

Some roulette sites offer lower fees for using a certain currency. It can be an important bonus that allows players to keep more of their winnings. Such offers are usually reserved for smaller altcoins or individual banks or cards, so it’s limited at least to an extent.

Customer Support Features

Roulette sites need to provide customer support features, especially if they are based online. Customer support allows the player to contact the casino directly and resolve any issue they may have. It’s the front-facing window of the establishment and it needs to provide a few key features.

The players should be able to contact the site at any time and via a variety of channels. This should include a phone, an email, and a chat, at least. Many also allow the players to contact them via social media. It should also be staffed by capable and expedient personnel.


Blackjack tournaments are effectively set up as leaderboards. The player is still gambling against the house, but their scores are measured against each other and those who pass a certain threshold get additional winnings. Everyone contributed towards the common pot during the game.

Not all casinos have this feature and not all players may want to take part in it. However, it’s a fun additional game that can also lead to greater winnings if you’re good and lucky enough. If all the other features of a roulette site are to your liking, this additional feature could be a great deal.

Mobile Gameplay

Roulette can be easily played on mobile devices. Many roulette sites have a slick game interface and it transfers well to the smaller screen on your phones or tablets. The player can also automate their wagers and wager patterns, meaning they can play on their phone without having to pay close attention to it.

Crypto and digital wallets can also be operated with a mobile device only – meaning that a phone is the only thing a player needs to gamble online and withdraw their winnings. With the two-step authentication process – it’s completely safe to do so.

Responsible Gambling Features

It’s easy to get caught up in a roulette game since the game is exciting and it doesn’t require the player to be completely engaged with each spin. This may lead some players to overspend and overbet and even to keep adding more funds to their bankroll when things go bad.
That’s why a roulette site must have responsible gambling features built in. These create stop-losses so that the player gets locked out of their account once they spend over a certain amount. The same can be done with a stop win, meaning that the winnings are withdrawn the same way.

Versions of Roulette

There are six different versions of roulette out there and they differ based on the gameplay but also based on the odds of winning. Most roulette sites offer one or two versions of the game, but there are those that provide all of them for the players to choose from.

The versions are:

American roulette. This is the version with 0 and 00. The table layout is the same as in Europe.
• European roulette. It’s the version with only one zero. It has a lower edge in favor of the house – set at 2.6 percent, based on 37 pockets to choose from.
• Double ball roulette was invented in Vegas, it’s played on the European wheel and it’s played with two balls.
• Multi-Wheel Roulette. This version of the game is played on eight European wheels and the players place their bets simultaneously. It’s mostly an online game and you won’t find it in an on-the-ground casino.
• Rapid or Video Roulette. This version of the popular game works the same as video poker. There’s no dealer and the outcome is randomized. Most players prefer a version with an actual ball and wheel.
• Mini roulette is the version of the game with only 13 pockets.

To Sum Up

Roulette is one of the most exciting and fun casino games out there. There are thousands of sites you can play on and players should look for certain features that will allow them to play a long and exciting round.

These include having the right bet size, accepting different currencies, and having different versions of the game to try out. It also helps to utilize the bonuses and promotions the sites have to offer.

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