10 Mistakes to Avoid When Picking a Bitcoin Casino in 2023

February 28, 2023

Undoubtedly, the number of gamblers visiting Bitcoin casinos will continue to rise massively. Bitcoin has done wonders for the gambling industry ever since its introduction. Hence, the industry is now attracting new players and potential gamblers who may or may not have experience gambling.

Playing with cryptocurrencies is still a new thing to many. Nevertheless, Bitcoin has been the most popular coin used by many people for a long while. It has been operating hand in hand with fiat currency for several years. However, many online casinos accept payments from both types of money, and we refer to them as Bitcoin casinos.

Furthermore, there are some that 100 percent work with only Bitcoin. While others are cryptocurrency-based, meaning they accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other coins of high value. Therefore you can check this resource to know all the top-quality coins you can use on Bitcoin casinos.

Gambling on Bitcoin casinos is fun, as many punters might have noticed. But unfortunately, many can get lost in the thrill and make costly mistakes that could lead to significant profit loss. Unfortunately, this condition is a common issue among newbie punters as they do not do enough research before starting their gambling journey. So they end up joining the wrong and unfavorable casinos. Hence, check this resource to discover the ten mistakes to avoid when picking a Bitcoin casino.

10 Mistakes to Avoid when Picking a Bitcoin Casino in 2023

Despite being 2023 and Bitcoin being out in the market for over a decade, many still need to learn what a Bitcoin casino entails. They need to be aware of the dos and don'ts and dive head-first into creating an account. Below are ten mistakes to avoid when picking a Bitcoin casino in 2023.

1. Not checking the casino license

Online gambling platforms operate different forms of gambling licenses. Since Bitcoin casinos are an online gambling platform, it follows suit with the condition of working with a gambling license. However, you should not cast the quality of the gambling license aside.

A gambling license shows the legitimacy of a site; it shows that the platform has recognition under local and International laws. So, if you check a Bitcoin casino, it bears a foreign body's license. It means that the site operates appointments outside its location.

Therefore, they can accept gamblers from different locations worldwide as long as the right covers it. An excellent example of an international gambling license is the Curacao gaming license. Furthermore, these licenses comply with specific standards and regulations, such as anti-money laundering and responsible gambling measures.

2. Not Checking the payment options

Many gamblers may gamble with both fiat currency and crypto. But we have made it known earlier that not all crypto casinos operate both currency types. So, always check the payment options to avoid signing up on a one-currency gambling platform.

3. Not Checking their Deposits and Withdrawal Limits.

A good feature of crypto casinos is that they have a high withdrawal limit compared to traditional casinos. However, many do not have the same withdrawal or deposit limits; some are higher, while some are lower. The limits on some crypto casinos are up to 5BTC, some 3BTC, and in some cases, they are even unlimited. However, the large withdrawals might take time, and some casinos may decide to make the payment in batches.

4. Not Checking the Bonuses and Promotions

The primary purpose of bookmakers offering bonuses and promotions is to attract new customers. So if you register on a bookie whose rewards are not up to the standard of a typical crypto casino, the blame is all on you.

To become a profitable gambler, you need to be willing to research the quality of bonuses; the platform can offer you. Therefore, you can then determine whether it is up to your standard. Furthermore, you must read the terms and conditions to understand the requirements and other restrictions.

5. Not checking their reputation

Reputation matters whenever you are doing anything that does not involve physical contact. For crypto casinos, you must check their reputation in the industry, knowing if it is good or bad. Besides, going through the stress of checking their reputation will save you from more problems in the future.

There are multiple review platforms where you can read other people's comments about a particular bookmaker. They also have ratings attached to each of these platforms which paints a perfect picture of how good they are.

6. Overlooking the site's security measures

Yes, we all know crypto is a secure currency, but how safe is the site you want to register on? Crypto casinos should have their degree of security offered. Their sites should be well encrypted to deter any hacker. Moreover, most hackers know it is tough to hack a crypto wallet, so they go for the next easiest thing: the gambling platform.

7. Not checking the quality of the customer support

Properly managed crypto casinos have reliable and efficient customer support. The speed of request handling should be factored in when picking a casino. Also, make sure the casino has other multiple means of support like live chat, phone calls, and email.

8. Not checking the game selection

Many gamblers make the mistake of not confirming if they can find their preferred game type in such casinos. These platforms are usually vast in their options, but it is best to ensure. So check if the games advertised on their homepage are available to bettors.

9. Failure to verify the fairness of the games.

Provably fair gaming is one of the main driving forces of Bitcoin casinos. But no one is ever sincere, just like these bookmakers. Fair games allow you to verify the fairness of your bets to know if the casino is cheating you.
10. Failure to check the quality of Game Providers.

Each platform usually has the logos of the game providers they work with at the bottom of their sites. So you can research the game providers to know the quality of their games and their RTP and know if the games you would bet on are of top quality.

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