Tom Dwan Coolers Ivey in €600k Short Deck Hold’em Hand

May 29, 2018

Wake up, sit down at the poker table, buy-in for €300,000, get dealt aces in your very first hand and limp on the button – and just a few minutes later you’ve doubled your money at the expense of Phil Ivey! Welcome to Tom Dwan’s life!

The legendary duo were doing battle in the Triton Series cash game last night, a Short Deck ante only game which also saw some of Asia’s best and deepest-pocketed players playing in an action-packed finale to the Super High Roller Series in Montenegro.

For those who haven’t been following the week’s entertainment, it’s been a mix of big-buy-in tournaments and even bigger buy-in cash games, Ivey taking down the opening ShortDeck event for $604k and finishing 3rd in the closing event, a HK$1million (US$126,000) buy-in which paid winner Jason Koon $3,579,836, Ivey walking off with $1,666,480.

Last night, however, Ivey could do nothing right in the cash session – his ‘A’ game evidently left back in his room at the Maestral Hotel and Casino venue playing host to the biggest names in the game.

Fortunately for Ivey, the game was playing a bit smaller than the €1,000,000 buy-in cash game of a few days ago, but his €300k loss to Dwan as seen above didn’t work out as well as Jason Koon’s in the bigger game – Koon losing the biggest televised pot ever and almost immediately recouping his money in the second biggest ever pot!

The Triton Series has been a massive shot in the arm for televised poker – high quality broadcasts of both tournaments and cash games, legendary players involved as well as new faces in the nosebleed game, and the introduction of Short Deck Hold’em to the wider poker world. The good news is that they’ll be back soon enough…

and host interviewer Tatjana Pasalic is not the only one happy at the news.

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