Technology Behind Online Casino Games

April 30, 2024
Nenad Nikolic

Over the past decade, online casinos have soared in popularity. Due to their nature, these platforms utilize many technologies to provide a wide range of casino games online. But, what are these technologies behind our favorite games? Let's take a look.

Live Streaming

Many online casinos afford players the choice between on-demand and live games. These live gaming options are hosted in real time and streamed through the platform to the players' devices. For example, card enthusiasts can play blackjack for real money by choosing from a wide range of games that suit their playing style, such as Blackjack 14, Lightning Blackjack, All Best Blackjack or Premium Blackjack Single Hand. These games are hosted by a real dealer around a physical card table, providing players with an authentic blackjack experience.

Players can join the waiting room for the next available game, so no one is joining mid way through a hand. The live streaming technology broadcasts the games onto any device with internet connectivity. Many games also have additional functionality allowing the players to converse with the dealer and other players in real time. In utilizing live streaming technology, online casinos can ensure that the games are fair and immersive, and provides the opportunity for them to combine live gameplay with digital effects such as sound and graphics to bolster the thematics.

Optical Character Recognition

Optical character recognition (OCR) is probably most commonly used in business and logistical applications. This technology takes an image of a document or object, and extracts the characters, converting them into machine readable data. This allows businesses to streamline the digitization of historic and incoming files, as well as automating postage sorting.

This same technology can also be used in online casinos, particularly in live games. As these games already use a camera for live streaming purposes, the camera can be integrated with OCR capabilities. The OCR process can then extract the number, suit, and color of the winning card, ball, or pocket. This data can then be transmitted through the live stream and displayed on screen for those who may have missed the result. It can also be gathered by the platform for data analysis, supporting procedures that ensure the gameplay is fair and random.

Random Number Generators

Put simply, random number generators (RNGs) use either a physical source or an algorithm to generate non-sequential numbers. These numbers have no pattern, and were not predetermined. With this in mind, RNGs essentially digitally mimic the same element of luck that players would get from rolling a dice, spinning a wheel, or drawing a card at random. In other words, RNGs help to make the results of digital systems entirely random.

As you can imagine, this means that RNGs are the backbone of many online casino games. The RNG is triggered by a button, perhaps designed like a handle, deck of cards, or a ball cage. The RNG then selects numbers, symbols, or icons at random, which are displayed on screen, depicting the winning result of the spin or hand. By using RNGs, this ensures that the gameplay is based on luck, for a more authentic and immersive casino experience.

And there you have it - just a few technologies that are the unsung heroes behind the functionality and capabilities of online casino games. As technology continues to develop and innovate, all that's left to do is see what is next.

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