Find Out Which Online Casino in the UK Has the Fastest Withdrawal

March 15, 2024
Clinton Jacob Machoka

In the early days of online casino gambling, players deposited using debit cards and bank transfers—often arranged over the phone—and then waited several days to get their cash when they withdrew it. It was a slow and laborious process, but it was the norm, so it was accepted.

These days, players demand rapidity when it comes to payment options. They prioritise speed, expect their withdrawals to be instant, and become impatient if they need to wait for more than 24 hours. Operators are scrambling to accommodate them, and the result is a wave of UK casinos that deliver fast/instant withdrawals.

So, what are these casinos, how do they provide such rapid payments, and what do you need to know about them? Check out our guide to fast withdrawal casino in the UK to get the lowdown.

Why Do Some Casinos Take Longer Than Others to Withdraw?

Some casinos would like you to believe that slow withdrawals are standard, either because they need to conduct additional security checks or because payment systems are inherently slow. But that’s not the case, and we know that’s not the case, as there are casinos that process withdrawals instantly.

So, why are others taking longer?

Well, there are a couple of factors at play here. The first is purely optional on their behalf. In the past, casinos and sportsbooks were accused of intentionally delaying payments, as that would increase the likelihood of a player cancelling the withdrawal and wagering the money instead. That’s not true anymore for the UK, however, as a change in regulations means it’s no longer possible to cancel withdrawals.

Secondly, there is the security check argument whereby casinos place all withdrawals on hold initially so they can detect red flags and deal with them. This is no longer valid, as the systems that detect and flag suspicious payments are automatic and instant. The technology is also improving all of the time. It’s getting better and faster, and that’s inspiring a surge in instant withdrawal casinos.

Finally, we should consider necessity. In a world where all online casinos take up to 7 days to process withdrawals, casinos aren’t desperate to process payments instantly. But as more sites switch to instant payouts, the slower ones stand out more and are forced to change.

Which Payment Methods are the Fastest?

There was a time when web wallets like PayPal and Skrill were the only ways to guarantee fast withdrawals. They don’t have any prolonged waiting periods and the money hits your account as soon as the casino releases it. But recent improvements in online banking and card transactions mean that’s no longer the case.

Many sites will process bank transfers instantly, and the same is true for debit cards. It’s all thanks to the Faster Payments Service (FPS). It is used to process rapid payments of up to £1 million. It’s not available across all banks and building societies in the UK, so there are some exceptions, but most of them use this service so you shouldn’t need to wait.

How to Speed Up Cash Outs at Online Casinos

For the most part, the onus is on the casino to process your withdrawal quickly and ensure you get the money without delay. If they decide to hold things back and take their time, there isn’t much you can do. But there are some tips that could help you to speed things up and provide a smoother withdrawal process:

Use a Faster Method

Although most methods are fast, it’s worth looking out for exceptions, such as when you’re unable to use Faster Payments. You can also simplify the process by not using methods such as Pay By Mobile and PaysafeCard to deposit, as these are not available for withdrawals so you’ll have to switch to another payment method when it’s time to cash out.

Verify Your Identity Early

UK casinos used to delay verification until it came time to withdraw, thus frustrating players and creating unnecessary delays. It gave casinos a level of control that players weren’t comfortable with, and that’s why the laws changed. These days, the casino is required to verify the player’s identity during sign-up, and it usually happens automatically with the aid of soft credit checks.

There are some potential issues though, such as when additional documents are needed or a soft credit check doesn’t work. So, as soon as you join, check the verification section of the site, and make sure all boxes are ticked. It’s better to get this step out of the way nice and early, thus preventing frustrations down the line.

Process Your Withdrawal During Business Hours

The best sites process payments automatically regardless of the time or the day, but some don’t process payments on weekends, holidays, or evenings, and if you’re using a debit card or bank transfer, the money might not hit your account outside of business hours. So, to prevent such issues and give those funds every chance of appearing instantly, process your withdrawal during the week and within business hours.

Check the Withdrawal Terms

Familiarize yourself with the withdrawal terms to prevent stumbling over an issue that delays your payment. Look for terms regarding fees and minimum requirements as well as ones that deal with specific payment restrictions. For instance, most sites won’t let you withdraw using a method different from the one you used to deposit. You should be stopped at the point of withdrawal, so it won’t waste too much time, but it’s not uncommon for the withdrawal to be pending for several hours and days, only for it to be cancelled with a message of explanation from the casino.

Use Live Chat or Phone Support if You Have an Issue

If you have an issue when processing a withdrawal, don’t delay—jump on live chat or give the customer support team a call if they have a phone number. The same is true any time you have a question that the FAQ can’t answer.

Live chat is not as instant as casino operators want you to believe. It can take a couple of minutes to connect and then you need to wait for the support team member to pull your details, ask you to wait, and then send more messages with politeness and professionalism in mind. It could be 5 or 10 minutes before they eventually begin to address your issue, and if you’re desperate to cash out and get that money, it’s going to be a very frustrating 10 minutes.

So, get started early and your issue will be resolved sooner. Also, don’t resign yourself to sending an email. It’s certainly an easier and more passive way to get a solution, but it could be hours before they reply and if they have limited support hours and it’s the weekend/holidays, you might not hear anything for a couple of days.

The UK Casinos with the Fastest Withdrawals

Now that we know what to look for, how to speed up withdrawals, and why fast cash outs matter, it’s time to focus on the fastest UK casinos. There are a few options here, and we’ve highlighted a couple of the best ones below:

Mr. Q Casino

At Mr. Q Casino, you won’t be forced to hang around for several days as the casino processes your payment. In fact, the money should be in your account within a couple of hours, and in most cases, it’ll land within minutes. Bank transfers are accepted, and you can also use PayPal or Visa Debt.

You won’t be charged a penny for processing these withdrawals, and if you’re a new player just finishing off your welcome bonus, you don’t even have to worry about wagering requirements. There are no such demands on Mr. Q Casino—everything is wager-free, from the no deposit free spin bonuses to the deposit bonuses. What’s more, Mr. Q Casino has some excellent customer support and a great selection of games.

SlotStars Casino

SlotStars Casino accepts debit cards, bank transfers, Apple Pay, and PayPal, and all of these are processed in a few minutes, ensuring you’re not kept waiting. Live chat is available if you need help processing a withdrawal or dealing with a bonus, and there’s no shortage of the latter to choose from.

The games are where SlotStars Casino really comes to life though. You have more than 3,000 top table games and slots to choose from, including progressive jackpot games, Megaways slots, and more from the likes of Playtech, Games Global, Merkur, Bally, and NetEnt, among others.

BetMGM Casino

BetMGM Casino comes to us from one of the biggest betting and gaming brands in the world, one that recently exploded onto the UK market and is rapidly becoming one of its best new casinos.

There are lots of great bonuses, some fantastic games, and all the great support you’d expect from such a big name. On the withdrawal side of things, you can benefit from instant cashouts if you stick with bank transfers and should also have your money within a couple of hours if you use PayPal. The site warns that debit card transactions can take up to 5 days to process, but that’s not always the case and these are often just as rapid.

Summary: Fast Payouts at UK Casinos

Although most players focus primarily on bonuses and games when joining an online casino, payout speed should never be overlooked. No one wants to wait to receive their winnings, as nothing takes the joy out of a big win than needing to wait a week to receive your funds while jumping through several hoops.

So, keep the above tips and casinos in mind, and the next time you win big, the money could be in your account within minutes!

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