Celebrity Endorsements in the Casino and Gambling Industry

January 23, 2024
Kristijan Lekoski

Celebrity endorsement has long been an effective strategy brands use in their product and service advertisement and marketing. Many sectors capitalize on celebrities' sway on the public, and the casino and gambling industry is no exception. An exceptional celebrity endorsement raises awareness of gambling brands, attracting new customers.

Today, several A-list celebrities endorse casino and gaming brands, from Cristiano Ronaldo to Mike Tyson, Nicky Minaj, Neymar, Paris Hilton, etc. In light of this, this article will explore what celebrity endorsement in the casino and gambling industry is all about and its impact.

Understanding the Concept of Celebrity Endorsement

The concept of celebrity endorsement is quite simple. People are likelier to do what the celebrity they love tells them to do than even experts in that field. This is why famous people endorsing goods and services is not a new development. In fact, you can easily trace the idea as far back as the 1800s when Pears Soap first put West End Stage actress Lillie Langtry on their posters. This became one of the first in a long tradition of commercial product celebrity endorsements.

Like many others, the gambling industry saw the usefulness of celebrity endorsement and has embraced it for decades. From long-existing casinos to new ones on Gamblenator.com, several gambling brands collaborate with celebrities today.

Reasons for Celebrity Endorsement

One of the main reasons many casino and gambling brands embrace celebrity endorsement is its ability to build trust and credibility with consumers. When a well-known figure, especially one with a good reputation, endorses a casino or gambling brand, it creates a sense of customer reliability.

Another reason for collaborating with well-recognized celebrities is that doing so can instantly raise a brand's awareness among the public. Celebrities and public figures typically have a vast fan base. By collaborating with such stars, gambling brands can expand their reach into that fan base. This will, in turn, result in a boost of their customer base.

Other reasons for celebrity endorsement include:

● Provides competitive advantage
● Helps shape brand image
● Increases engagement
● Brand association

Examples of Celebrities That Endorse Casino and Gambling

The iGaming industry is one of the fastest-growing global markets worth billions. Naturally, every brand in the sector wants a piece of that massive cake. This is why many casinos and sportsbooks, whether online or land-based, are partnering with celebrities and public figures, having them featured in their flashy advertising campaigns, events, etc. After all, celebrity endorsement has proven effective in establishing brand recognition, visibility, and credibility.
From famous actors to world-class artists, athletes, etc., the list of celebrities who have endorsed brands in the casino and gambling industry at one time or another is lengthy. Let’s examine some.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, considered one of the greatest players ever to grace the football scene, is undeniably a megastar. His fan base and social media following exceed most celebrities. This is why it is unsurprising that most brands aim to collaborate with him for endorsements.

A brand in the gambling industry that has managed this feat is Poker Stars, who in 2015 made Ronaldo one of their global brand ambassadors. As expected, this collaboration transformed the poker community, resulting in many new players joining the game and signing up with the site.

Nicki Minaj

Another celebrity any brand would undoubtedly want an endorsement from is Nicki Minaj, one of the most successful artists and rappers ever. The rap icon found her way to the gambling industry back in 2022 when she became the global ambassador of the sports gambling brand Maximbet.

As a part of the collaboration, Nicki Minaj also became an investor, special strategic advisor, and the creative director of Maxim magazine.

Mike Tyson

Another world-class celebrity known to have gotten in the game of casino and gambling endorsement is the undisputed world champion of professional boxing, Mike Tyson. In 2019, the sports betting operator Parimatch unveiled Tyson as the latest addition to its team of global brand ambassadors. Tyson starred in Parimatch’s large-scale advertising campaign, and the unique collaboration naturally resulted in numerous benefits for the brand.

Paris Hilton

The American businesswoman, model, actress, singer, and socialite Paris Hilton is undoubtedly one of the most famous female celebrities. Like many others, Hilton is known to love trying her luck on casino games. This has also translated to her becoming the face of various online casino brand advertisement campaigns over the years.

A notable endorsement Paris Hilton made was back in 2018 when she became the brand ambassador of online casino BGO. The collaboration, aimed at attracting more female players, yielded splendid results.


Besides the names above, many other celebrities have also dipped their toes in casino and gambling endorsement and have partnered with different brands on the scene. The table below shows a list of some of the other notable mentions.

Conor McGregor    (Boxer)    
Neymar (Footballer)    
Poker Stars    
Drake (Rapper)    
Frankie Dettori    (Jockey)    
Jamie Foxx (Actor)    

Negative Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Casino and Gambling

Celebrity endorsement has a statistically significant impact on the propensity of youth to gamble. The familiarity, allure, and perceived trustworthiness of their favourite celebrities easily convince youth and grownups alike to try gambling when they otherwise would not have. According to experts, this trend can also increase the rate of problem gambling and addiction in society. Thankfully, the digital world we live in today comes with different sources of information and resources where problem gamblers can get help online, like the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC).


It’s safe to say that celebrity endorsements are an effective way for casino and gambling brands to not only raise awareness but also build a more extensive customer base. Celebrities place instant credibility and legitimacy on a brand by putting their names on it. This, in turn, creates a sense of trust in people, even those who wouldn't consider gambling in the first place.

However, you should note that celebrity endorsement can also harm the public as it can encourage reckless gambling. So, the next time your favourite celebrity asks you to place a bet, ensure to keep responsible gaming in mind.

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