Why Do People Use Offshore Casinos?

December 29, 2021

In today's article, we go over what are online casinos, are they safe, what are offshore casinos and many other questions you might have such as what are the pros and cons of using a virtual casino over a land-based casino.

What are Online Casinos?

Essentially an online casino is just like a “real” brick and mortar land-based casino. Well except that you can enjoy playing all your favourite gambling games from the comfort of your home! Today we can find almost anything we desire from the internet and now so too can we enjoy the thrill of winning prizes from our wagering itch. That being said one does not necessarily need to wager for real money at an online casino. One can also find Free to Play Online Casinos which are great for beginners or if you're just looking to learn the ropes.

Are they Legal?

Legality isn’t as simple as saying “yes” all online casinos are legal. Although many of the virtual casinos offer a safe betting service as well as good customer service and fast payouts it doesn’t necessarily mean they are legal everywhere. This usually depends on whether or not your state deems it illegal or not.

What are offshore casinos?

An offshore casino is a virtual casino that’s not based in your country/state. This could mean a number of things you should consider. For example, an offshore casino might not have all the necessary licenses to operate under US jurisdiction. Or perhaps your state/country gambling laws are too tough on Casino sites. This is a big factor as probably many of your favourite online casino sites are actually offshore hosted sites due to the more favourable laws.

They also offer a safe haven for gamblers to gamble in states where state laws are harsh or wagering games since the US has a grey area on offshore gaming. However not all offshore casinos can be trusted with many offering no player protection, so we recommend searching for a list of trusted offshore online casinos to make sure your funds are safe. It can be quite a headache dealing with technical difficulties so we recommend using sites that offer solid customer service.

Offshore Casino Vs Non-Offshore Casino

So we have gone over the laws and how they alter from state to state, should I choose an Offshore casino or Non-offshore? Well, again this would depend on your state laws. If online casinos cannot operate in your state but you would still like to try your luck or have a dance with fortune, you can still find Offshore Casinos that are under US jurisdiction. An easy way of doing so would be by doing some research on which states allow online casinos to operate.

Of course, you can use offshore companies that don’t operate under US laws that are safe, just make sure you do your due diligence to keep your funds and gaming experience as safe and smooth as possible. That being said you should still consider virtual casinos out of US jurisdiction. Why? Well, that depends if you enjoy massive welcome bonuses/deals for joining a gaming casino.

Loads of well established and trusted Online venues offer a safe service as well as a neat bonus with some offering a 200% bonus on your first deposit. That would mean if you deposit 100 X(X being the currency of choice) your 100x can become 200X! As you can see there are many factors to consider, really and truly one would always do some research before just heading into an Online Casino for the first time.

A Few Tips To Get Into The World Of Online Casinos

So you’re convinced and want to try your luck but have no clue where to start, a place all new players find themselves in. Our first tip recommendation is to start by selecting which games you would like to learn or take part in. For example, if you just want to hit slot machines there is not much of a learning curve, you hit the button and hope for the best.

Let’s say you want to have a go at more skilled chance games such as poker or blackjack. First and foremost we recommend you get yourself up to date on the rules of said game. Once that is done try to hit up some Free To Play casinos to get a taste and better understanding of the game in practice.

Do keep in mind that when playing in free to play online casinos, people will tend to play riskier since there is no prize to be won or lost. This only means that just because you might rule the Free to Play world doesn’t guarantee your gonna be a big-time winner when you start trying your skills and luck at an actual Online Casino that requires actual funds.

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