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Landon Tice Suffers Two Huge Blows in Bill Perkins Match

July 1, 2021

Landon Tice is finding the going very tough against Bill Perkins in their highstakes challenge match, the young pro losing two sessions over the past week that leave him well off course in his attempt to win by more than $720,000.

That’s the magic number Tice has to win their $200/$400 stakes, 20,000-hand match by, just to break even, having agreed to give his very experienced amateur opponent odds of 9bb/100, effectively a $720k headstart.

Tice had torn a $144k chunk out of that by the time they sat down last Friday, having won session 10 and crossed the 20% mark just about on target to break even.

Session 11, however, did not go according to plan and more than a third of that total was lost, Perkins “running good” to pull back almost $52k over 348 hands.

With a weekend off, the players were back at the ACR tables on Tuesday for session 12, and there was more pain in store for the youngster.

Another 337 hands and another loss, this time $28k, to bring Perkins back within $63,720 – a mere 3.25bb/100 difference and far off the pace Tice needs to show a profit.

While Tice is staying off social media barring match updates, Perkins is as tweet-happy as ever, yesterday sharing his “dark side” with an Emperor Palpatine meme...

There is still plenty of time for Landon to up his game and land some heavy blows, but he’ll need to average 11bb/100 over the remaining 15k hands.

€200 Bonus
$1000 Bonus
SwC Poker
50% Rakeback

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