How To Make the Most of BetMGM’s Poker Welcome Offer

February 14, 2024
Nikk Holland

Poker is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, card games in the world. Whether you have never played before, BetMGM has a brilliant welcome offer to get started, plus a few tips that can help you begin your poker-playing journey.

Welcome Offer

By simply registering on the BetMGM online casino and making your first deposit, BetMGM will 100% match your deposit (up to $1000) and give you $75 worth of tournament tickets to get you into money games immediately. This is the perfect offer for those looking for a small bankroll to take them into their first poker games.

Best Poker Games for Beginners

If you are a beginner and have never played before, here are three types of poker games you should play to build your skills and give you the best exposure to the world of competitive poker.

No Limit Hold‘Em

No Limit Hold‘Em is the most popular form of poker and is the game you have most likely seen the most. You are dealt two cards, with five community cards for you to make hands from.
“No Limit” means there are no limits to the amount you can bet and no limits on how many times you can bet or raise.

5 Card Draw

5 Card Draw is another simple form of poker for you to learn, as it does away with the community card aspect. You are dealt five cards; there is one round of betting, and you can replace some of your cards in the hopes of getting a better hand. There is then a final round of betting, and all live players will show their cards.

Limit Hold‘Em

Limit Hold‘Em has the same basic card rules as No Limit, with the main difference being that there is a limit to bet amounts and the number of times you can bet and raise. It is the best form for those not looking to bet with a lot of money but still looking to build their poker skills.

Poker Tips for Beginners

Once you are in a game, there are a few things you should remember to give yourself the best chance of winning many hands and leaving with some money in your pocket, too.

Aggression Pays

The only way to win a hand of poker is to bet; being passive will simply drain your chips, and you will leave with nothing. Beginner players tend to check when they should bet or are scared off because they go up against someone with a bigger chip stack.
Don’t be afraid to bet or bluff because when done correctly and with intention, you put yourself in stronger positions to win.


While aggression is necessary, poker is also a game of patience. You aren’t going to get the cards to win every hand, and you should focus on hands that have the best potential, not the ones that simply seem strong. You don’t have to rush and play every hand you are part of.

Read Your Opponents

You should always pay attention to your opponents and try to read their tells, especially in the hands you aren’t part of. Look at how they bet, when they bet, when they check, etc. You will soon notice a pattern that can help you make smarter decisions when you come up against them.

Does Player A always seem to slow play big hands? Or do they choose to bluff when certain cards are on the table? This skill takes time, but the sooner you start, the quicker you will become better at it.

Strong Cards Aren’t Always Winners

Don’t be distracted by strong cards in your hands; far too many players see a king or an ace and think they have a strong hand. If you are dealt an ace of diamonds or 3 of spades, and the flop is a 5, 7, and 9 of clubs, you have a fairly weak hand; the ace doesn’t change that.

Strong hands are ones with the potential to get stronger, not necessarily the ones that start with an ace, king, queen, etc.

The Long Game

Much like any game, you will spend a lot of time losing hands you feel you should have won. However, considering a lot of skill is involved in poker, the more you play, the less you will lose.

Don’t get discouraged; simply play more hands, learn poker strategies, different betting techniques, etc. The best players in the world have played more hands than 99% of the world’s population, and that’s how they have learned to be as good as they are.

The Tables Await

Poker is a relatively easy game to learn but incredibly difficult to master. However, with this brilliant offer and a few valuable tips, you will be well on your way to winning your first hand.

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