GTO Wizard Teams Up with WPN to Combat Cheating in Online Poker

September 26, 2023
Mark Patrickson

In recent years, the online poker community has been plagued by multiple cheating scandals and accusations. Arising from these, one particular worry has been at the forefront of the community: that of real-time assistance.

GTO Wizard to Fight Cheating

The rise of GTO solvers over the last few years had many feeling the end of days wasn’t far away for the online game. That’s quite an overreaction but with several players hitting the headlines over accusations of bespoke software use it quickly became obvious that more stringent measures would be needed.

A more recent worry that has encouraged debate, is how much online GTO solver app companies are prepared to do to protect the integrity of the games. These programs allow super-fast use that is approaching real-time use status.

To address this issue, GTO Wizard, a leading GTO online solver company, has partnered with major poker operators WPN and WPT Global to combat online cheating and create a safer poker landscape that protects the long-term health of the game.

GTO Wizard's Game Integrity Division

GTO Wizard has established an internal Game Integrity division, led by Marc-Antoine Provost, the co-founder of Ruse. The division aims to develop and implement anti-cheating measures to ensure fair play.

Some of these measures include a GTO Wizard 'security seal of approval' for operators and a Fair Play Check that works with uploaded hand histories to provide strategic feedback and identify if anyone has accessed a solution in GTO Wizard while the hand was being played.

“This tool gives power to the players in our fight against RTA by allowing you to look up if a board was solved in GTO Wizard within a date interval, considering all strategically equivalent boards. If it was, the exact time when the board was solved is returned.”

Poker legend Tom Dwan gave GTO Wizard's efforts his seal of approval.

“It’s crucial to have more good faith and cooperation between different organisations for the integrity of poker. I strongly believe this is an essential and well-intentioned first step towards a more fair poker ecosystem. I plan to support and help where I can.”

WPN CEO Phil Nagy jumped at the chance to partner with GTO Wizard and showcase his commitment to maintaining the highest game integrity possible on his platform.

“We’re thrilled to begin a collaboration with GTO Wizard. Their technology and expertise will be instrumental in both keeping online poker fair and secure. Our commitment to this standard remains unwavering.”

Creating a safer poker ecosystem is crucial for the growth and sustainability of the online poker industry. By partnering with major poker operators and implementing anti-cheating measures, GTO Wizard is taking a proactive role in protecting the game and its players.

This collaboration not only helps to maintain the integrity of the game but also fosters trust among players, operators, and technology providers.

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