ACR Venom PKO: Mega-Satellites Running – $5M GTD++ with $700K Last Winner Payouts!

January 14, 2024
Nenad Nikolic

Dive into ACR's Venom PKO tournament, starting January 18, where the stakes are high with a massive $5 million guarantee, colossal bounties, and the chance to grab a piece of the action that last winner took home—a whopping $700,000!

Event Schedule

**Day 1A:** January 18
**Day 1B:** January 21
**Day 1C:** January 25
**Day 1D:** January 28
**Day 2:** January 29
**Day 3:** January 30
**Final Table:** January 31 (4:05pm ET)

Progressive Knockout Format

This Venom iteration boasts a progressive knockout (PKO) structure, ensuring not only prestige but also substantial cash rewards with every opponent elimination.

Satellite Opportunities

Daily Venom Fever satellites, with buy-ins starting at $33, provide continuous opportunities. Mega-satellites elevate the excitement, offering chances to win a Venom entry without spending a dime.

Mega-Satellites Schedule

**January 14:** 25 seats guaranteed in the $290 mega-satellite at 1:15pm ET.
**January 21:** At least 30 seats guaranteed in the $290 mega-satellite at 11:30am ET. Simultaneously, a $630 mega-satellite offers 40 guaranteed seats.
**January 27:** 10 seats guaranteed in the $55 mega-satellite at 1:30pm ET, with an additional 20 in a $109 tournament at the same time.
**January 28:** Two last-minute mega-satellites at 11:30am ET, offering at least 40 seats in the $290 satellite and 50 or more in the $630 version.

All mega-satellites are accessible for free through ACR's daily path freerolls. For detailed qualification information and a schedule of regular Daily Venom satellites, visit ACR.

Q&A Section

Q1: What's the payout like for the last Venom PKO winner?
A: The last winner walked away with a staggering $700,000, showcasing the immense cash potential in the tournament.

Q2: How significant are the bounties in the Venom PKO tournament?
A: Colossal bounties add an extra layer of excitement, offering players the chance to earn substantial cash rewards beyond the guaranteed prize pool.

Q3: Is the $5 million guarantee the only prize in the tournament?
A: No, in addition to the massive $5 million guarantee, players have the opportunity to secure hefty bounties and aim for a share of the colossal prize pool.

$2000 Bonus
30% Rakeback
$2000 Deposit Bonus