Tom Dwan Wins Biggest Ever Live-Streamed Poker Pot in History - $3.1 Million

June 2, 2023
Mark Patrickson

Tom Dwan has broken the record for biggest ever live-streamed pot in the final day of the Hustler Casino Live $1 Million Buy-in Cash Game. The man known as “durrrr” took down a monster $3,081,000 pot against Wesley.

Before we look at the hand, it’s worth noting that Wesley had come in for some criticism during the early days of the five-day show for playing too tight. Mike Matusow fired shots on Twitter, calling the crypto investor a “scammer.”

”How big a scammer is Wesley? Guy representing to be big shot buys in 3 m and had 13% vpip he just open folds kq to a 3 k open by airball”

”@crpytoaprenti1 blocked me cause he knows he’s a lying fraud! Everyone with half a brain knows he’s been playing poker a lot longer than yr and half! Not to mention people who flaunt their money usually isn’t their money! #fraud”

Was the social media pressure too much, forcing Wesley to play out of his comfort zone?

Tom Dwan Picks Off the Biggest Bluff in Live-Streamed Poker History

The hand in question was playing during a special phase called the Stand Up Game. Hustler Casino Live inserted this idea for a little fun where the player who is last to win a hand must pay the other players $6,000 each.

After an open, Wesley three-bet to $30,000 with Ad Kh and Doug Polk folded, announcing that he had seen Wesley’s cards. Dwan then raised it up to $100,000 with black queens.

Wesley confidently five-bet to $275,000 and Dwan decided to see a flop rather than risking his stack against what could easily be aces or kings.

The flop came down 3d 8s 8d and Dwan check-calls a small $125,000 bet.

The turn was the 5h. Wesley, still undeterred, fires again, this time for $350,000. Dwan now looked a little unsure but still made the call relatively quickly.

The river was a blank 6c, changing nothing. Wesley sees that he can only win by having the stones to make the bluff james his stack in, forcing Dwan to a decision for his remaining $786,000.

Dwan tanked again, this time looking much more serious, but again he makes a gutsy call and soon gets the good news.

Mike Matusow, at least, was pleased to see Wesley taking a more proactive approach to the game.

“Now that entire poker world called Wesley out for fraud he is, his ego is very fragile so he's now playing lots of pots in bad spots! Only reason he's gambling is his narcissism is on full display! But I'll give some credit where credits due & at least hes not being a pussy!”

“Egos are fragile in poker! When you call someone a fraud and a pussy he came to show everyone he wasn’t a pussy! Congrats Wesley you’re not a pussy anymore! Hope Tom pays Huss a small %! Egos will break you cards will make you #stayhumble“

Doug Polk Gets Slammed for Being Honest

There was another side story to this hand after fans reacted to Doug Polk being honest and stating that he folded after seeing Wesley’s hand. Some claim he had no responsibility to be honest and it is up to each player to protect their hand.

Polk disagreed and said it was unacceptable for players not to say anything before continuing. Tom Dwan agreed and praised Polk for how he handled the situation.

“Doug handled this very properly imo. Judging him for it is absurd imo. It’s a players responsibility to not show their hand, and Doug tried to handle it well (and did imo). Wes not pausing to process or acknowledge Doug saw his hand- was a read I valued quite a bit”

It’s worth mentioning that a player known as “Skillsrocks” was actually banned from Hustler Casino Live last year after being caught rubbernecking.

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