Sickest Runout in Poker History Leads to $224,236 Score

January 7, 2023
Charles Rettmuller

Sit at any poker table and odds are that almost every player there will tell you that they've witnessed the sickest runout ever.

Of course, we all have a subjective view on which hand would constitute the runout of all runouts. But a hand between Joey Weissman and Michael Wang at the inaugural BetMGM Poker Championship at the Aria Resort & Casino last June has to be among the contenders - if not the sickest ever.

Borrowing a line from Rod Serling, the following hand is submitted for your approval: Four players remained at the final table of the $3,500 buy-in Main Event with $224K up top from the $1.1 million prize pool generated after 343 entrants came aboard.

Weissman is dealt Ad-Jd, while Wang has pocket ladies (Qh-Qc). Weissman has a huge lead in chips with over 10 million and Wang is a distant second with slightly more than 2.5 million. Noel Rodriguez (2,450,000) and Paul Hoefer (1,975,000) trail.

Blinds are 75K/150K with a 150K big blind ante. A raise pre-flop to 300,000 from Wang prompts the chip leader to shove all-in. Wang calls, leaning on the ladies for his tournament life.

Watch below how the hand unfolds:

Is that the sickest runout ever? Wang led until the river when the Queen of diamonds gave him a full house, while Weissman amazingly hit a royal flush!

Wang landed in fourth for $65,856. Joey Weissman won the tournament for $224,236

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