Robbi Jade Lew Felted by J4 Offsuit of Martin Jacobson

December 25, 2022
Charles Rettmuller

The saying of "turnabout is fair play" was never more evident than at the WPT World Championship when Martin Jacobson busted Robbi Jade Lew while holding the infamous hole cards of J4 offsuit.

Lew, as everybody and their grandma knows by now, made J4 off famous when she took down a huge pot versus Garrett Adelstein with that very same hand during a high stakes cash game at Hustler Casino Live in late September.

Allegations of possible cheating followed, with internet sleuths "polking" around extensively in an effort to find out how Lew pulled off such a hoax. But Robbi was recently cleared of any wrongdoing by a more detailed and professional investigation.

The conclusion reached was that Lew played poorly at HCL and got lucky. As a result, her 15 minutes of fame live on, as does the hand of J4 offsuit.

Jacobson didn't play the hand poorly, in fact, he had top pair on the flop while Lew had an open-ended straight flush draw. But J4 prevailed after the board ran out, sending Robbi to the rail.

For those who can't get enough of the strength of J4 offsuit, Lew provided another tidbit in the form of a video snippet via Twitter. Watch below for a missed opportunity with the hand that won't go away:

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