Poker Bunny's All-In Shove with a Set Gets Trounced on HCL Live

February 6, 2023
Charles Rettmuller

Regular viewers of the live-streamed cash game at Hustler Casino Live are familiar with Poker Bunny, aka Paulina Loeliger, a relative newcomer on the poker scene who is fond of wearing rabbit ears while competing at high stakes action.

The rabbit ears prop and Poker Bunny moniker certainly draw plenty of attention to the 24-year-old, enough so that Loeliger has 16K followers on Twitter and more than 21K on Instagram. Almost 10,000 subscribers have tuned into Poker Bunny videos on YouTube.

That combined following on the three platforms can be considered "social media influencer" territory. Of course, it certainly helps to gain followers in the male-dominated world of poker when you're well-endowed and post videos titled "Poker Bunny's GTO Guide to Tit Equity."

Loeliger could have used more hand equity - or perhaps a lucky rabbit's foot instead of the rabbit ears - in a hand versus Sia the Bot at HCL Live recently. The stakes were $10/20/40 + $20 BB ante when DJ Washburn raised to $120 with Q-9 off.

Sia the Bot (K-K) three-bet to $700, DJ mucked, and Poker Bunny called with pocket fives. A flop of 5c-7c-6h gave Poker Bunny a set and a huge lead in the hand.

Sia the Bot laid out a $400 bet and Loeliger kicked it up to $1,000. After calling, Sia the Bot looked down at a fortuitous turn card, the King of clubs - giving her a better set.

A bet of $1,300 by Poker Bunny was flatted by Sia the Bot on a wet board. The river drew an insignificant 2h and Poker Bunny announced all-in for her remaining $4,950 in chips.

A call from Sia the Bot resulted in a win with her set of kings for a $16,100 pot. Watch below how the hand played out:

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