Nik Airball Accuses Hustler Casino Live Reg Mars of Cheating

December 4, 2023
Mark Patrickson

Nik Airball and Wesley Fei have publicly accused another Hustler Casino Live player, Mars, of rigging a high-stakes private game in Southern California to the tune of millions of dollars.

On Sunday evening, Airball posted the tweet naming “Ye Shen aka Tony aka Mars” and wrote that he was very disappointed for this to happen with a guy he considered a close friend.

“Just found out that someone who I thought was a close friend of mine cheated me out of $1m in a series of poker games. Very hurt and upset for obvious reasons, more details soon.”

“All details and what not will be released soon in more digestible format. Short version is he brought a mechanic dealer and special cards that are “see through” with special contacts.”

If Airball’s theory is correct, this sounds more like something from a James Bond scene than reality. Trick cards and contacts from Q department to be able to read which card is which is almost too cheeky to try and pull off.

All-in-all, Mars is thought to have won as much as $1.6 million from the game during 2023.

Wesley Fei shared more details with PokerNews about the scam of which he claims he is also a victim.

The alleged fraud came to light when Wesley examined a deck that Mars specifically asked to bring to the game.

"We asked Mars, 'why did you ask to bring the deck?'. After a game we found a cheating deck. The deck is a very good cheating deck that you can't find. But we went to a very dark room and we used a blue light and then you can see the numbers on the back of the deck."

Strangely, Mars asked to bring his own deck and asked the other players to sort out the dealer for the night. He also brought two unknown players to the game who Wesley says are part of the group.

If they are in cahoots with Mars, then the total won by the group is $3.1 million.

Wesley said he invited Mars over to his $400k per night villa at Caesars Palace to confront him over the scandal.

When shown the incriminating deck, Mars agreed it was rigged for cheating but not the one that was used. He then accused Wesley of coming up with an excuse to avoid paying his debts, insinuating that he bought the deck himself.

A poster called Rina contributed the the thread, showing a WeChat post she made one year ago that warned about Mars’s involvement in private games cheating

She said that nobody cared.

When Todd Witteles asked if any of Mars’s more recent opponents saw this warning, Rina replied:

“The players that knew about these are all San Gabriel/ Arcadia/walnut/ district Chinese players who don’t play in casinos. After everyone finding out about it. Mars just quit these communities and stopped hosting games there. That’s when he first started HCL.”

Hustler Casino Live co-founder Nick Vertucci made it clear that he wasn’t aware.

“Let’s get the elephant outta the room now. Never saw it. Heard about it two weeks ago or so. The end”

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