Mental Torture as Poker Player Throws Away $540k by Folding Winning Hand

June 20, 2024
Clinton Jacob Machoka

It is common for poker players to make mistakes occasionally on the table. However, during Thursday's Hustler Casino Live Million Dollar Game, a particular player made a costly mistake that could have easily been avoided, resulting in a loss of over $540,000.

The player in question is known as "Thomas." He appeared during the third session with a $1 million buy-in but never featured on HCL or any other poker stream. Thomas wore a mask during the stream and played carefree and unpredictable, keeping the game exciting throughout the first two hours.

On the third day of the Million Dollar Game, thirty thousand viewers watched, and many of the viewers who commented on the YouTube chat were puzzled about the game of the mysterious player Thomas, who is allegedly an entrepreneur from Europe.

Thomas played in an exceptionally odd pot during the ongoing Million Dollar Games series, which has been extraordinary. It occurred approximately one hour into the Thursday stream. A hand that even left commentator David Tuchman perplexed.

Preflop Action

The action started with Michael "Texas Mike" Moncek, who returned after a health scare on Thursday. He confidently raised $4,000 from the hijack position with Q♥9♥. Tom Dwan, who had suffered big losses in the first two days of the Million Dollar Game, decided to call from the cutoff position holding 5♦️5♣.
Thomas decided to call with 8♣7♦ on the button. Steve held K♦K♣ in the small blind and confidently three-bet to $22,000. Alan Keating decided to call with A ♥ 3 ♥ from the big blind. Just like Texas Mike, Dwan, and Thomas did.

The flop read 4♣9♣10♥. Moncek took advantage of the situation and confidently placed a bet of $56,000 after the action folded to him. Dwan decided to fold, Thomas made the call, Steve also called, and Keating decided to muck his cards.

After the 2♠ fell on the turn, Steve decided to make a small lead bet of $1,000, much to the amusement of Tuchman. Both players decided to call and see the J♠ on the river.
Thomas completed a winning straight with the fortunate card that appeared on the river. Indeed, it should have.

After carefully assessing the situation, Thomas confidently placed a substantial bet of $130,000, knowing he had the best hand. Not wanting to back down, Steve decided to call with his overpair, while Texas Mike chose to fold his cards.

Shocking Move

Just as Thomas was about to claim the massive $543,000 pot, he casually placed his cards face-down in front of the dealer. Meanwhile, Steve confidently revealed his pocket kings, sealing Thomas' fate as his cards were discarded into the muck.

Ryan Feldman, co-owner and producer of Hustler Casino Live, released a statement in response to inquiries regarding the accuracy of the graphics displaying Thomas' hand.

Feldman doubted that the graphics were incorrect, though he acknowledged the possibility. He suggested it was more likely that the player misread his hand or the board, noting that this wasn't the first time such an incident had occurred on their show.

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