Mark Rubbathan Turns ACR Package into Triton Poker Mystery Bounty Title and $636,000

March 6, 2023
Andrew Burnett

English online poker streamer was living the dream in Vietnam after turning an ACR package into a Triton Poker title, taking down the $20,000 Mystery Bounty event for $396,000 and a whopping 10 bounties worth $240,000!

With another whopping field, this time 179 entries, half the money ($1.79million) was in the regular prizepool and the other half in the Bounty prizepool.

With 27 spots paid, the chances of walking off with something were decent, but some very famous names left empty-handed; Jason Koon, Ike Haxton, Stephen Chidwick, Justin Bonomo, Fedor Holz, and Erik Seidel among them.

Orpen “Orp the Turk” Kisacikoglu was the lucky player who picked the $250,000 Bounty, making it a very profitable event despite falling short of the paid spots.

ACR boss Phil Nagy made it to the money, but it was one of his streamers, Mark “Weazel” Rubbathan, who held the final table chip lead.

The final table started off with a bang, a remarkable 4-way all-in...

Garagnani: K♥ J♠
Chong: Q♣ Q♦
Tan: K♠ 10♦
Malinowski: 10♥ 6♥

Board: 10♠ 3♦ 7♦ 8♠ 10♣

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye, as they say, and Garagnani was sent packing shortly afterwards by Rubbathan, who proceeded to send both Adams and Vieira to the rail as well.

Rubbathan could seemingly do no wrong, ousting Tan, Dvoress and Chong as well, to set up a heads-up with Wiktor ‘Limitless’ Malinowski. His huge chip lead looked set for a reversal, but when it’s your time, nothing will get in your way!

The trophy, $396,000 and another $240,000 from the ten Bounty prizes made it the tournament of a lifetime for the ACR streamer.

“It is all completely surreal,” Rubbathan told reporters afterwards. “I don’t know what to say, other than this was a really good time to run better than I’ve ever run in anything. I absolutely sun-run the final table. I’ve got 400K and the trophy, so I’m happy. That’ll work.”

The secret to his success was no huge secret, Rubbathan explaining: “I have played mystery bounties before but obviously nothing of this scale. It can be difficult working out all the spots with ICM and that, but to be honest it didn’t really matter for the most part. I just got really good cards and won my all-ins. If you do that you can win tournaments, apparently.”

Final results


Mark Rubbathan

$396,000 + $240,000 (10 Bounties)


Wiktor Malinowski

$268,000 + $100,000 (1)


Victor Chong

$184,000 + $100,000 (1)


Daniel Dvoress

$150,400 + $30,000 (2)


Kean Wei Tan

$120,000 + $70,000 (3)


Gytis Lazauninkas

$92,000 + $100,000 (5)


Joao Vieira

$67,000 + $50,000 (1)


Timothy Adams

$48,500 + $170,000 (4)


Pedro Garagnani

$40,100 + $150,000 (4)

$2000 Bonus
30% Rakeback
$2000 Deposit Bonus