Hustler Casino Live Reg Wesley/Dr. Hash Accused of $5 Million Crypto Scam

September 7, 2023
Mark Patrickson

Wesley/Dr. Hash, one of Hustler Casino Live’s regs, has been accused of running a $5 million cryptocurrency scam.

Earlier this week, an anonymous Reddit account posted evidence purportedly showing that they and a friend were scammed of $250,000 after the altcoin SupremeX crashed following extravagant promises.

Wesley—real name Wenzhi Fei—denies all allegations and claims that the poster is out to get him

Naive Investment?

The Reddit poster writes that they are a British 28-year-old financial services professional who developed an interest in crypto. He had heard many stories of investors who made “seven and eight-figure fortunes through shrewd investments in crypto” and yearned to repeat their success.

Together with a friend, they dived straight into accumulating as much information as they could via Telegram channels where they met Wesley.

After seeing that he appeared to understand the crypto space very well, the pair initiated contact to learn more.

“Wesley stated that he was part of a team that was releasing a new coin named SupremeX. He further stated that with an investment of $250,000, we could make a stunning return of 10-50x within one year.

“He assured us that this would be our safest investment option, because of the credibility and expertise of the team behind it. He even stated that we were very fortunate to have met him at the time we did.”

Interested, yet cautious, the accuser tracked the movement of SupremeX for a couple of months and then decided to invest $250,000. This wasn’t an insignificant amount, even for a finance professional working in the City, said to be a full year’s pre-tax salary for both of them.

This was Christmas 2021, and by May 2022, the investors were concerned at the lack of growth.

“We communicated our concerns to Wesley, and he constantly reassured us by stating that a big ‘investor from China’ was on the verge of finalizing their contribution. According to him, the deal was ‘almost finished’ and he would expect the investor to be closed by June.

“He stated that with this one investment the ‘coin would rise to $0.2’ (10 times the value at the time of the message). As he was one of the co-founders of the coin, as well as a crypto influencer with many followers, we heeded his advice.”

Expecting this Chinese investor to begin buying superemeX anytime soon, the alleged victims were dismayed to see that the coin was being sold off in large amounts during mid-June.

They again reached out to Wesley and were told that this was a part of the strategy to give the new investor a low price point to buy in, guaranteeing the process would be complete by August 25.

Anxiously watching the price movements every day in the run up to the deadline, the accusers watched their investment disappear into thin air in a single evening.

“Suddenly, 19 August 2022, the entirety of the coin was sold overnight, its value completely wiped out.

“When we tried to reach out to Wesley, we found that he had blocked our numbers and was non-responsive to any alternative forms of contact. All of our previous WhatsApp and Telegram conversations were deleted. At this point, it started to sink in that he had scammed us.”

Wesley’s bank account was frozen after evidence of what was alleged to have transpired was provided but no money was recovered.

But the story doesn’t end there.

After taking a week in the countryside to decompress, the Reddit poster told how they returned to his apartment to discover they had been burgled, but strangely, no valuables had been taken, only all of their data storage devices.

“Strangely, no possessions were taken except for our electronic file storage devices, namely a hard drive and several USB sticks. No valuables were stolen, even though the burglars could easily have taken them.”

This was the last straw and a series of angry messages were fired over to Wesley.

“To which he responded they’ve reached u and dont fuck with me.

“I continued to hurl threats at him, to which he later also responded, confirming that his bank account was closed but he had already removed the funds. He stated: nothing in that account, lol and GG.“

The final claim is that Wesley made $5 million from the SupremeX sell-off and that he told his accuser that nothing can be done about it.

An offer was given for any credentialed journalists to make contact and all evidence would be handed over.

Wesley Denies the Allegations

Wesley was quick to take to Twitter to deny all allegations, claiming that he knows who this.

Todd Witteles loves a good investigation and jumped right in to ask Wesley to clarify his position.

“Can you please clarify? Did you ever have anything to do with the supremeX coin? Did those text conversations depicted ever take place? Did anyone wire you $250k in 2022 to buy into any coin you were associated with?”

Wesley later tweeted that he thinks it is a Hustler Casino Live player who did this to him.

At the time of writing, this is all we know but there will no doubt be plenty more said on the latest scammer case to hit the poker community.
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